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NEW: Gravemind go to War…

Blowing the budget on a cinematic music video of the highest order feels like a throwback at this point but keen for our attention that’s exactly what Australians Gravemind have done with new single “>_Terminal“. Shared by label home Greyscale Records it is one that has the fingerprints of some interesting individuals on it, including

Bootleg: Polaris at The Foundary Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio!

It’s not Santa Claus who’s coming to town this year but Australian Progressive Metalcore heavyweights Polaris. They’ll be landing upon our shores with Gravemind, Alpha Wolf and Stepson so we can give their sophomore album “The Death Of Me” the respect it deserves having been released immediately prior to two years with no shows. That

NEWS: Gravemind return with “Deathtouch” and new vocalist!

Continuing the relationship between Alpha Wolf guitarist Scottie Simpson and producer Lance Prenc (Void Of Vision, Polaris), Australian Deathcore heavyweights Gravemind have dropped a new single in “Deathtouch” that sees them unveil new vocalist Bailey Schembri as they are reborn once more. Expect the DJent fuelled guitars on this one to rear their ugly head

NEWS: Polaris return to Europe in September?

One of the more highly anticipated tour runs that got scrapped in the aftermath of the Global Pandemic situation was the headlining run that would have seen Australian Progressive Metalcore Kings Polaris bring their brand of fun to Europe in support of their SharpTone Records album “The Death Of Me“. Two years on, the band

Bootleg: “Reveal” from Gravemind!

After the success of their Lance Prenc (Void Of Vision, Polaris, Alpha Wolf) mixed and mastered album “Conduit”, Gravemind took to the road for some sold out headlining shows and have thrown a rendition of “Reveal” to those wanting more. The performance was filmed at 170 Russell, in Melbourne Australia and given the six person camera

Documentary: The first headlining tour of Diamond Construct!

Back on the road again, Australian Nu-Metalcore merchants Diamond Construct have shared behind the scenes footage of their first headlining tour as they zigzag their way across their native territories from Newcastle to Sydney. It is the first run for their current EP “DCX2”, mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Polaris, Gravemind, Void Of Vision)

NEWS: Impericon Never Say Die Tour back in 2021!

One piece of good news is that the Impericon Never Say Die Tour will be back in November 2021 with five UK dates. The line up is double stacked with Australian Progressive Metalcore titans Polaris headlining and joined by Emmure, Currents, Spite, Invent Animate, Gravemind and Stepson taking the other slots. 9th London, Electric Ballroom

Review: “DCX2” by Diamond Construct

Back in July it was announced that the Australian dream team were back giving a helping hand to Diamond Construct with Lance Prenc (Polaris, Gravemind, Void Of Vision) recording, mixing and mastering this new EP and Colin Jeffs (ex-Aversions Crown, Tongues) directing a music video for “Psychosis”. The band, a Tech-Metal infused Metalcore quartet, comprising vocalist

Playthrough: Full set from Gravemind!

Gravemind drum cam from Invasion Fest on 18th January 2020 at Metro Theatre in Sydney, Australia?! Damon Bredin gets a full work out with cuts from the Deathcore collective’s debut album “Conduit” which is out now on Greyscale Records. The band postponed their headlining shows with Pridelands and Mirrors, three of which have sold out,

NEWS: TrueShot unveil “Find Me, I’m Missing”!

Mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Polaris, Gravemind, Void of Vision), New Hampshire Metalcore act TrueShot have dropped their second single. The track, which follows “Paradigm” that saw them joined by Aidan Holmes from Dealer, is entitled “Find Me, I’m Missing” and tackles a few close to home issues around broken families. Vocalist, Richard Janvrin comments: