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NEWS: Slaughter To Prevail get pimped!

It must be international Slaughter To Prevail day because not one but two remixes of “Demolisher” have landed on Planet Metal. The first comes from Gun Drummer, who met the band and filmed with them the last time they were in the US, while the second comes from famed Deathcore enhancer Misstiq who adds some

NEWS: Gun Drummer Vs Brand Of Sacrifice!

Having been joined by Slaughter To Prevail before Christmas, in this latest clip Gun Drummer covers “Eclipse” by Brand Of Sacrifice as the band themselves watch on! Brand Of Sacrifice are also 3 parts of Earthshatter who dropped a new EP “1135” last week and will be joining Rings Of Saturn, Traitors and Enterprise Earth

NEWS: Gun Drummer takes on Whitechapel!

So “The Valley” by Whitechapel made it on to our Top #5 Albums of 2019 and they’ll be in our neck of the woods for some shows around their Impericon Festival run. Metal Blade took a chance on the album concept and it works… so now it’s the turn of The Gun Drummer to do

Bootleg: Slaughter To Prevail in St. Petersburg Russia!

For those who haven’t seen it, the Slaughter To Prevail mini documentary whereby they met Gun Drummer while they were in the US after he covered their Deathcore classic “Chronic Slaughter” is hilariously good fun! Including new song “Agony”, the Russian’s first new material since 2017’s “Misery Sermon“, here’s a full set from them at

NEWS: Gun Drummer covers Born Of Osiris!

No sooner have Born Of Osiris announced a European trek for March 2020 than BOOM! The Gun Drummer pulls the trigger on a version of “Machine” by the Sumerian Records signings! The band will be joined by Volumes, Defying Decay and Oceans Ate Alaska, the run coming in support of their current record “Simulation Theory“!

Documentary: Slaughter To Prevail meet The Gun Drummer!

Ah The Gun Drummer. For those who don’t know the story, his niche is that he plays partial drum covers in comedic style at a gun range before dropping the sticks and switching to a weapon of choice to mimic the drum patterns. It’s hilariously good fun. So while they’re out on a US run,