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Bootleg: Gwar in London!

It’s fair to say that the legend of Gwar will never die. Five UK shows in the middle of their European Tour entitled “Use Your Conclusion” – yes – that is a Guns n’ Roses parody joke – saw the 4th December set at the O2 Academy in Islington London filmed from the balcony for

Documentary: Toxic Holocaust on Bus Invaders!

Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust has been hard at work of late, enhancing his reputation with Recording, Mixing and Mastering credits left right and centre. As if “Nightmare Logic” from Powertrip wasn’t enough, the new Exhumed album “Horror” has been on the recent agenda. So taking time out to tour with his band and GWAR,

NEWS: Gwar it be a cold December…

As ever, Gwar continue with the puns and this time out it will be “Use Your Collusion” across Europe with Vovoid and Childrain in December. That of course being a take on the classic Guns ‘n Roses album title “Use Your Illusion”. But you knew that already, right? 11/30 – Manchester, Club Academy 12/01 –

The Artwork That Should Not Be #3: “Sexorcism” by Lordi

Released in late May via AFM Records and described as “controversial” is “Sexorcism” by Finnish Hard Rockers Lordi. That’s correct, the band that won that won the Eurovision song contest with “Hard Rock Hallelujah” 12 years prior got down and dirty. Often accused of ripping off Gwar with their appearance,┬áKiss with their sound and Rob