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Live Review: Radar Festival 2022 Day #2 (Saturday)!

The second of three at the Casino Night Club in Guildford for Radar Festival is a big one with bigger crowds and slush puppy style pints of frozen Pimm’s on offer as well as a plethora of bands bringing riffs in plentiful supply from 13:00 to the midnight hour to keep us entertained. We predict

Review: “Self Titled” by Brutta

“The album is a definitive punch in your face… or maybe we could say a hammer in your forehead! A mixture of open evil chords with blast beats finding a defined yet tormenting growling vocal. The song themes are very precise and the lyrics bring a subjective aspect of human mental conflicts from a darker

Interview: Brutta talk self titled album with Metal Rules!

Two pre-release singles down in “Brutta” and “Devon” and Metal Rules chose to speak to guitarist and vocalist Adriano Ribeiro from United Kingdom and Brazil high speed Blackened Death Metal trio Brutta about his new project that features Tom MacLean (Athemon, ex-Haken) and Gledson Gonçalves. Produced, mixed and mastered by MacLean himself at Twelve Tone

NEWS: Brutta premier second single “Devon”!

“About to collapse, death is preferred to ruin. Brutta, a brutal and in-your-face version of obscure and wicked music” …Following the kind of inception that our tiny brains struggle to cope with in first single “Brutta” by Brutta from their self titled album “Brutta” (!?!) the Blackened Death Metal trio who feature members of Athemon and

NEWS: Brutta get fierce with “Brutta”!

Following the album teaser 10 days ago the trio of Brutta have chosen to share the opening title track of their upcoming self titled debut album, one which shares the name of the band. That’s Brutta by Brutta from Brutta. Comprised of Adriano Ribeiro (Athemon) (guitars, vocals), Tom MacLean (Athemon, ex-Haken) (bass) and Gledson Gonçalves

NEWS: Brutta tease debut self titled album!

We aren’t usually ones for teases but this one got our attention like a slap in the face as next month the trio of Adriano Ribeiro (Athemon) (guitars, vocals), Tom MacLean (Athemon, ex-Haken) (bass) and Gledson Gonçalves (drums) launch their debut album as Brutta. Produced, mixed and mastered by MacLean himself at  Twelve Tone Studio

NEWS: Fearout premier “Nevermore”!

A week ahead of the release of their debut album “Bleedthrough” via Inverse Records on 5th November, Finnish Metallers Fearout have premiered a music video for “Nevermore“. Lyrically the album deals with different types of addiction, domestic violence, obsession and racism while Movie enthusiasts might also recognize some familiar references. Ray Hearne, drummer extraordinaire from

Review: “Salutogenesis” by Soulsplitter

Germany Avantgarde Progressive Metal collective Soulsplitter started writing “Salutogenesis” in 2016. Their debut album takes influence from all styles and genres with Opeth, Twelve Foot Ninja and Haken all sited as reference points. “The Prophecy” serves merely as an introduction piece of dark theatric quality. It’s spoken word poetry is the perfect start for an

Bootleg: Haken in Mexico City!

Fan filmed at the Lunario Del Auditorio in Mexico City on 1st February, here are a trio of tunes from Haken! They’ll be bringing their Transatlantic Vector Studies tour to our shores for a trio of shows in February before returning for a show in London in March.