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NEWS: Wolfbastard take “Buckfast Blasphemies” to the cinema!

Clobber Records have a treat in store for us all with “Hammer The Bastards” from Wolfbastard available in both Vinyl and Cassette forms here. Halloween is always the perfect time for a band specialising in the darker arts to make their presence felt so it should come as no surprise that “Buckfast Blasphemies” has been

The Black Map #198: Wolfbastard from Manchester!

As our regular Sunday feature drags itself  towards the #200th edition like a zombie towards its prey, missing both legs and one arm but still hungry and with vicious intent in its eyes, we return to Manchester and a band that crosses Black Metal, D-Beat, Crust Punk and Blackened Hardcore with such violence that they’re

Review: “Hammer The Bastards” by Wolfbastard

A trio of men ride Harley Davidson Motorcycles across and apocalyptic wasteland drinking Moonshine, high on the adrenaline rush of violence of a psychotic killing spree and drunk on the power of blood and destruction. That’s the tale of Manchester trio Wolfbastard, who feature in their ranks members of Foetal Juice and Burial, a low

NEWS: It’s Black Friday for Wolfbastard!

If first single “Fear The Exxxekutioner“ wasn’t enough of a bloodstained, p*** soaked piece of vitriolic, nihilistic destruction taken from the 14th January releasing via Clobber Records “Hammer The Bastards” from Manchester anti-heroes Wolfbastard then “Black Friday” should be the driller killers nightmare. If you count their 2014 demo this is their fourth album in all

NEWS: Wolfbastards premier “Fear The Exxxekutioner”!

Despite having a new label and a new record on the horizon, Manchester anti-heroes Wolfbastard aren’t giving up on their raging D-beat fuelled, Black Metal infused Crust Punk meets Hardcore sound and have instead pulled out the pin and handed us the grenade that is “Fear The Exxxekutioner“. That serves as the first taste of