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NEWS: Harakiri For The Sky to be denied once more!

In preparation for the unveiling of not one but two re-recorded from the ground up albums on 9th December, Post-Black Metal pioneers Harakiri For The Sky have shared the intense “Homecoming: Denied” for your listening pleasure. The albums in question are their self titled release and “Aokigahara” with the Austrian  duo never happy with the

NEWS: The 02:19 AM Psychosis returns for Harakiri For The Sky!

On 9th December Post Black Metal pioneers Harakiri For The Sky will launch re-recordings of their first two albums “Harakiri For The Sky” and “Aokigahara” and with good reason, as they have never been fully happy with the production. The Austrian duo decided to take a deep dive into their past for their 10th band

Review: “All Virtues Ablaze” by Liminal Shroud

“Our second album, All Virtues Ablaze, takes the vision set forth on our debut and executes with greater intensity, song craft and performance. Written and recorded between 2019 and 2021, this album represents and captures a process of rejection, annihilation and regeneration of the self and contemplates the cyclical forces of futility that shape our

Vs Tuesday: One Song! Two Bands! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Mad World.

A song written in a flat above a Pizza restaurant in Bath and released in 1982 that has fallen into the highly influential category, “Mad World” by Tears For Fears has ended up being so much more than just a piece of meloncholic music. In 2003 it won writer Roland Orzabal his second Ivor Novello

Review: “Mӕre” by Harakiri For The Sky

As a duo Salzburg Austria pairing Harakiri For The Sky have released an album every two years since their 2012 self titled debut, a unique blend of atmospheric Black Metal and Progressive Rock that gives both the inescapable maelstrom of shattering screams and the sudden acoustic guitar interludes that are World’s apart and yet sit

Review: “Ignis Sacer” by Regnvm Animale

Ignis Sacer; songs lamenting a failing system. As the World heads towards oblivion with unchecked growth sees capitalist greed choking democracy, while global temperatures rise at an alarming rate, the inevitable result will be fire – wild forest fires plaguing the landscape and the fires lit in the cities by the disenfranchised. That’s the view of