NEWS: Harakiri For The Sky to be denied once more!

In preparation for the unveiling of not one but two re-recorded from the ground up albums on 9th December, Post-Black Metal pioneers Harakiri For The Sky have shared the intense “Homecoming: Denied” for your listening pleasure. The albums in question are their self titled release and “Aokigahara” with the Austrian  duo never happy with the production value of the originals and they will be released at the 10th band anniversary, rebranded as “MMXXII Editions“.

Vocalist J.J.comments: “What I remember most when I think back on working on “Homecoming: Denied!” is that I wrote such long text phrases for the first part that I had to sing it double-time. That didn’t sound that great, so Matthias suggested me to cut them in half and do them half tempo. That worked perfectly and seems the perfect concord of the song to me. When I first heard the instrumental of the song I wasn’t sure if I like it as much as I liked the other songs of “Aokigahara”. But after we changed the lyrics of the first part, the rest of the song caught me as well and still does everytime when we play it live so many years later.”

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