NEWS: Aortes bound with chains for “With Me Forever”!

Lithuanian dark Post Metal act Aortes (the musicians formerly known as Autism) have shared a second single “With Me Forever” from their upcoming new album “Devouring Gloom”. The record comes out on 28th February and will be available on limited edition LP as well as  digitally with pre-orders available now via Aortes bandcamp

Aortes says: “We are really excited to finally put out a new album. It has been quite a rough time for the band: the lineup has changed which led to the change of the sound of the band, which led to the change of the band name completely. The pandemic took over the world and put all of our plans in slow motion. At times it felt like it had been one step forward and two steps back, so it took us almost four years to make “Devouring Gloom”. But it is finally finished and it seems that with this release we have finally managed to properly channel our creative vision. This darker, more dissonant and chaotic sound felt like a natural evolution of Aortes.

The central themes of the album deal with the struggle of the overwhelming feeling of despair, hopelessness, loneliness – or as we thought of it – a gloom that surrounds and devours you. Sometimes you find the strength to fight it off, other times you admit defeat. But there is always hope.”

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