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Bootleg: Harmed at The Tesla Loft in Budapest!

Having come a long way since we witnessed them at The Black Heart in London back in 2018, Budapest Hungarians Harmed have shared a live session from the Tesla Loft filmed back in November to showcase their 2022 debut album “The Everchanging Gap Between Life And Loss“. Prepare for 628 seconds of flashing lights in the

NEWS: Jigoku unleash the fires of “Kaleta”!

Joined by former Harmed and Faminehill vocalist Spicze Levente Hungarian Industrial Metal monsters Jigoku have unleashed a new single titled “Kaleta“, their second of 2022. It once again finds them working with István Simon at No Silence Studios (Mhorai, Pennhurst, Nest Of Plagues), who mixed and mastered but be warned, the video is one of

NEWS: Harmed premier not one but two new singles!

“The Everchanging Gap Between Life And Loss” it the title that Hungarian Metallers Harmed have chosen for their debut full length album, an eleven track affair set for 16th September. Having already premiered “lowlives” with that news, the band have released another pair in “Goner” and “(heyspeak)“, all of which will be aired on 23rd

NEWS: Harmed announce new album with “Lowlives”!

16th September will see “The Everchanging Gap Between Life And Loss” appear from Budapest Hungary natives Harmed, a debut full length album that has been promised for some considerable time. The news comes with the first single from it in one called “lowlives” and a track listing naming eleven entirely new cuts meaning that the

Playthrough: “Diggiven” from Godgiven!

What’s the difference between a one take vocal playthrough and Karaoke? Better microphones? Cameras at point blank range? We don’t care. Cool bands are putting them together and they work. So giving us one take vocal performance of “Diggiven” is none other than Andras Gyorffy from Godgiven. The cut appears on the bands album “Not

NEWS: Jigokü return with “ADSR”!

Mixed and mastered by István Simon at No Silence Studios (Mhorai, Pennhurst, Nest Of Plagues), Hate Speech writers Jigokü have announced their return with a new single titled “ADSR“. The Hungarian Industrial Metal quartet formed after the dissolution of previous outfit Forbidden Noise and worked with Harmed guitarist Gábor Tóth at Ghostship Recordings on their

NEWS: Whisper it… Harmed have returned!

After two years in the wilderness with their last single “Metacortex” and last live performance in Budapest taking place in January 2020, the highly anticipated return of Hungarian Metallers Harmed with their first single “Whispers” is worth its weight in gold. They formed in 2017 and released their debut EP “From Day One” creating dark,

Playthrough: “Gerontocrap” from Godgiven!

Complete with a cameo from Lemmy the dog, guitarist and vocalist Andras Gyorffy from the almighty Godgiven gives us a guitar playthrough video for “Gerontocrap” from his bands album “Not That Godly“, one recorded, mixed and produced by Harmed guitarist Garbor Toth at Ghostship Recordings.  Budapest, Hungary born and raised, playing Alternative Metal in the

Exclusive Interview: Godgiven talk writing and recording?

Joining our series of interviews that surround bands writing and recording processes are Budapest, Hungary based Godgiven as we spoke to guitarist and vocalist Andras Gyorffy about what goes in behind the scenes with it comes to making a record like their recently released “Not That Godly“. Something of a labour of love that was

Exclusive Interview: Godgiven talk “Not That Godly”!

Putting a genre tag on Budapest, Hungary based Godgiven is like trying to play a game of pin the tale on the Donkey after a bottle of Wild Turkey, replacing the pin with a nail and trying not to hit your thumbs. The easiest way to describe them is to say that they find the