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Review: “The Obsidian Fog” EP by Putrascension

Following their October 2019 creature double feature “Hate Lust“, New Jersey’s Putrascension should need no introduction. Why? Because they have already earned our full attention with two pieces of Black Metal that belong as much in the bleak and cold black forests of Norway as they do anywhere else. Vocalist Michael Gonçalves also contributed the cover

Riff Police! Pull Over! #84: Putrascension Vs The Ghost Inside!

There can’t be many Metal Heads on Planet Earth who don’t know the story of The Ghost Inside. It’s one of those hard work to relative success to tragedy and struggle that has us rooting for them when they return to the live arena for a handful of highly anticipated shows. Two years after their

Review: “Hate Lust” by Putrascension

A Black Metal project born in September of Nothing Is Sacred man Justin Spaeth, Putrascension released a creature double feature from their New Jersey lair at the end of October to introduce themselves to an unsuspecting World. Described by Islander from NoCleanSinging as “…surrounded by full-throttle mayhem from the rhythm section, storming riffs, and the kind