Review: “Hate Lust” by Putrascension

A Black Metal project born in September of Nothing Is Sacred man Justin Spaeth, Putrascension released a creature double feature from their New Jersey lair at the end of October to introduce themselves to an unsuspecting World. Described by Islander from NoCleanSinging as “…surrounded by full-throttle mayhem from the rhythm section, storming riffs, and the kind of violent vocal hysteria that would send woodland animals racing away, as if from wildfire” we figured it was only natural we should take a look. After all, do Bears s*** in the woods?

After a familiar and meloncholy riff that sounds like it belongs on a Melodic Hardcore track, “Unfolding The Essence” sees Putrascension go full throttle with classic Norwegian Forrest sounds. That is the sounds of brutal blast beat drum fills, beastly vocals and haunting speed riffs. Talking of ancient horrors in a venomous storytelling style with some impressive tempo changes and perhaps even Opeth leanings, the change down to a Progressive Metal solo with a wonderful rise and fall, makes for a classical moment. Trees wither and die on the shoreline. “Instinct (Hate Lust)” changes the direction with some menacing riffs and gutteral growls before the swirling dark clouds of the rhythm section take hold and drag you kicking and screaming into a snow storm. Momentary breaks in the riffs and hateful screams of agony add blood and thunder to a rip roaring track. The end is just the beginning… [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Unfolding The Essence
  2. Instinct (Hate Lust)

“Hate Lust” by Putrascension is out now and available over at bandcamp


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