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NEWS: Nile. Hideous Divinity. September 2024!

Italian Technical Death Metal act Hideous Divinity have announced they will be joining American Brutal Technical Death Metal outfit Nile (that’s officially double brutal) for a run of shows in September. Dubbed the “Underworld Europe Tour 2024” tour, the run will see the bands make six stops in our vicinity as they travel from Essen

NEWS: Hideous Divinity never say never again?

Courtesy of the skills in chemistry from director Dema Novakova, “More than Many, Never One” from the new album “Unextinct” by Italian Technical Death Metal act Hideous Divinity has been given an arty music video. A celebration  of the release via Century Media, the fifth studio album was once again produced, recorded, mixed and mastered

Review: “Unextinct” by Hideous Divinity

“Unextinct sets a new milestone for Hideous Divinity, another step towards musical unspoken terror and frenzy. Every song has become a world with its own dissonances and rules made to be broken. A soundtrack of a shipwreck with the best sound production we’ve ever had: our brother Stefano ‘Saul’ Morabito at 16th Cellar Studios really

Interview: Hideous Divinity talk “Unextinct” with Heavy New York!

Set to be distributed by Century Media on 22nd March, on the evidence of the pre-release singles alone, the new album “Unextinct” from Italian Technical Death Metal monsters Hideous Divinity could well be their finest hour. Naturally an interview with Heavy New York was on the tarot cards and song meanings and tour memories are

NEWS: Hideous Divinity hate everyone and everything?

Narrating a rebellion against human dominance, a protagonist, unchosen and witnessing decay, seeks liberation in “Against the Sovereignty of Mankind“, the second single from “Unextinct” to appear before Hideous Divinity allow Century Media to release the record on 22nd March. The Italian Technical Death Metal monsters have already announced a Festival run for the summer

NEWS: Hideous Divinity prepare us with “The Numinous One”!

…with new single “The Numinous One“, Italian Technical Death Metal act Hideous Divinity invite you into a sonic odyssey, transcending mortal boundaries. A cosmic tale where the numinous being challenges life’s constraints and dirges echo the mourning of mankind, and shadows embrace the divine horror. Produced by Kinorama Studio, the music video is the the

Review: “The Dying Planet Weeps” by Engulf

Having released an unholy trinity of story driven EPs in a three year stretch that began in 2017 with “Subsumed Atrocities“, Blasphemous guitarist Hal Microutsicos has seen his solo project Engulf reach critical mass. Entering the studio with Chris Kelly in the winter of 2021 to record a debut album “The Dying Planet Weeps” with

NEWS: Engluf line up the guests for “The Dying Planet Weeps”!

Continuing the avalanche of intriguing prospects for the turn of the year, Everlasting Spew Records have announced the debut album from from Engluf will appear on 12th January 2024. After an unholy trinity of story driven EPs that began with 2017’s “Subsumed Atrocities“, the Death Metal solo project of New Jersey’s Hal Microutsicos of Blasphemous

Playthrough: “Mysterium Tremendum” from Hideous Divinity!

Cinematography isn’t usually a word associated with a playthrough video but as Technical Death Metal Kings Hideous Divinity have never conjured one previously, they’ve enlisted Roberto Gigliotti and Mattia Del Giudice of Eclypso Studio for this footage of “Mysterium Tremendum” with Enrico Schettino showing us how it’s done.