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Live Review: Heart of a Coward (Live Steam)

Milton Keynes DJentlemen Heart of a Coward have been stalwarts of the UK Metal scene since 2009 and despite a trio of line up changes in that time, they’ve gone from strength to strength, proven statistically by the fact that “Hollow” from 2013’s “Deliverance” and “Collapse” from 2019’s “The Disconnect” top the bands individual streaming

Review: “The Disconnect” by Heart of a Coward

It’s been 4 long years since 2015’s “Deliverance” and over a year since May 2018’s unveiling of former No Consequence vocalist Kaan Tasan as their new frontman, replacing former Slyosis man Jamie Graham at the helm. He now works for Unique Leader Records. That news was accompanied by a tour and single “Collapse” which not