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NEWS: Dropout Kings. Hacktivist. July 2024!

Suburban Noize Records signed US Trap-Metal outfit Dropout Kings have announced a run of shows from Zurich to Rock la Mures Festival in Romania that will see them joined by Hacktivist for no less than six stops in the United Kingdom in July. The Milton Keynes DJentlemen have dropped a couple of recent singles which

NEWS: Hacktivist come out swinging with “Forgot About H”!

Not satisfied with the previous covers in their recorded works and wanting to freshen things up with new vocalist JJ Olifent, Milton Keynes DJentlemen Hacktivist have followed “Crooks and Criminals” with a reworked rendition of “Forgot About Dre” by Eminem and Dr Dre. Rebranded “Forgot About H” with lyrics that reference British life as well as

NEWS: Hacktivist return with “Crooks and Criminals”!

A new cut which we had the pleasure of witnessing live at Tech-Fest’s Techabilitation event back in December has appeared from DJentlemen Hacktivist. Titled “Crooks and Criminals“, it’s the first to see former Borders vocalist JJ Olifent join Jay Hurley at the microphone and finds the band utilizing the skills of a trio of highly talented

Throwback: “Unlike Us” from Hacktivist!

It might seem hard to believe but Milton Keynes DJentlemen Hacktivist have been raging against the system for a decade with their debut self titled EP dropping on the 11th November 2013. That announced the band to an unsuspecting World, the Grime vocals mixed with the odd unclean punch that made their offering stand out

NEWS: Hacktivist like a Border but no Boundaries!

Ahead of his live debut at this summer’s 10th Anniversary of Tech-Fest, Milton Keynes DJentlemen Hacktivist have shared a music video titled “Rep The H” which confirms that the shady looking figure in their teaser photo is in fact former Borders vocalist Jordan “JJ” Olifent. He replaces Jot Maxi who it was announced had stepped

NEWS: Youthlies return with “Navigate”!

Formerly known as Eyes Of Mutiny, Surrey Alternative Metal act Youthlies have released their second single of 2022 in “Navigate“, a cut for which Hacktivist vocalist J. Hurley lends his throat. He’s been chalking up the guest vocal appearances of late having joined both Dropout Kings and The Final Clause of Tacitus on singles “I Ain’t Depressed”

Playthrough: “Armoured Core” from Hacktivist!

…with five shows in May and UK Tech-Fest this summer Milton Keynes DJentlemen Hacktivist have begun a series of playthrough videos for the singles from their sophomore album “Hyperdialect“. Drummer Rich Hawking is the man on the mission and has gone with “Amoured Core” with audio recorded and mixed by Conor Kearney at Colibri Audio…