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Documentary: Tour Tips from I, The Breather!

Guitarist Logan Young from Baltimore Maryland Metalcore outfit I, The Breather is a seasoned musician of many a tour so when he speaks, if you’re in a virgin band, then it’s time to pay attention because he’s got the nuggets of knowledge that are going to help you not only survive but thrive on the

Documentary: I, The Breather talk dream tour!

Fans dream tours are one thing but bands dream tours are a whole new realm of possibilities. The resurrected I, The Breather spoke to Digital Tour Bus, the creators of the iconic Bus Invaders series, about what they consider their ultimate line up. The conversation happened when the band landed in Chicago Illinois before they

Documentary: I, The Breather on Bus Invaders!

It feels like it has been forever but finally we have another episode of Bus Invaders from Digital Tour Bus! This one was filmed on 31st January outside Reggies in Chicago, Illinois and takes in the delights of the touring vehicle of I The Breather while on the road with Sleep Waker, Curses, and Execution

Vs. Tuesday: One Song! Two Bands! Who Wins? Fight! “Faint”

As far as Nu-Metal goes there isnt much to argue against the first two Linkin Park albums being fine examples. Sadly, the recently released Crossfaith album “EX_Machina” can’t garner much in the way of praise at all, with the exception of one track. Their cover of “Faint” which features Masato from Coldrain. Baltimore, Maryland Metalcore