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Review: “Self Titled” by Become the Apex

Comprised of seasoned musicians known for their work in the likes of One Shot One Kill, Life Upon Liars, Living in False Eyes, Beyond Conviction, Abaasy and Immurge with previous collaborations from said musicians including the likes of Fit For A King, As Blood Runs Black and Left to Suffer there is a lot of

NEWS: Immurge get heavy with “Lethal Groove”!

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Nightowl Studios and conjoined to a video Shot and Directed by Tanner Simpson of Ghostnote Imaging, Deathcore enthusiasts Immurge have premiered a new single in “Lethal Groove” that follows hot on the heels of their January released EP “Deadweight“. There must be something in the water in  Idaho. No idea

NEWS: Immurge go crazy in fields of daisies…

“This mad world is crazy, My minds picking daisies, And I love it, Dead brain, Riding a sad train, My happiest domain, Is lost to all the… (Madness)” It was 14th January 2022 when we dropped a review of EP “Deadweight” by Idaho Deathcore fuelled outfit Immurge comprising seven deadly cuts for seven deadly sins but

NEWS: Immurge struck a nerve?

If you missed it back in January Idaho Deathcore crew Immurge dropped their debut album “Deadweight”, one recorded at Nightowl Studios with producer Brogun Allen and it landed like a block of ice from a passing aircraft on an unsuspecting passer by. They’ve chosen “Nerve” (not to be confused with “Struck A Nerve” by Machine

Review: “Deadweight” by Immurge

As with most debut records, “Deadweight” is the culmination of several years of hard work and dedication from Idaho Deathcore fuelled outfit Immurge as they took songs written for playing live to producer Brogun Allen at Nightowl Studios, lyrically covering topics of religion, drug addiction and the end of the World as we know it

NEWS: Immurge suffer delusions of grandeur?

Crawling out from the rubble they created with their sonic abrasions at Nightowl Studios, Idaho Deathcore crew Immurge have dropped their debut EP “Deadweight” like a concrete block from a bridge into our path with a music video for “Delusion” directed by Tanner Simpson. Let’s hope that producer Brogun Allen survived the drop tuned sonic