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Playthrough: “Cup Of Mephistophiles” from The Faceless!

The revolving door of musicians in The Faceless has been one of the biggest side shows in American Death Metal of the last decade or so. But hats off because for all the drama they have released some incredible albums. Drummer Aaron Stechauner has shared footage of “Cup Of Mephistophiles” as the first of many…

Bootleg: The Faceless at Gas Monkey!

And so it seems that once again (again) The Faceless have been successfully granted another opportunity to walk the straight and narrow, following the last implosion after “In Becoming A Ghost“, which saw the return of Abigail Williams. Here are “Planetary Duality”, Depeche Mode cover “Shake The Disease” and “Ancient Convenant” from the bands Summer

Playthrough: “Accelerated Evolution” by The Faceless!

Pro-Shot by Stagecast 360 at the Dallas Texas stop of The Summer Slaughter Tour on 9th August at Gas Monkey Live, here’s “Accelerated Evolution” from The Faceless. Not only did the capture the full track in Multi-Cam style but also sticksman Aaron Stechauner’s performance on Drum Cam. “In Becoming A Ghost” is fast approaching it’s

Bootleg: The Faceless perform “The Ancient Covenant” with new line-up!

Filmed on 29th April at South Lake Tahoe, Nevada’s Spring Meltdown 2018, courtesy of Bavmorda, here’s footage of the new line-up for The Faceless performing “The Ancient Covenant”. Metal Archives has identified the line-up as frontman Julian Kersey (ex-Aegaeon, ex-Rose Funeral), sticksman Gabe Seeber (ex-Alterbeast, The Kennedy Veil), bassist Jacob Umansky (Painted In Exile), and guitarist Andrew

Bootleg: The Faceless at Camden Underworld!

…And down to one. The Faceless delivered a decent album in “In Becoming A Ghost” (check out our review!) via Sumarian Records and got some decent touring under their belt without interruption for the first time in a long time. But the ever controversial Los Angeles, Californian Technical Death Metallers have once again imploded with main

Review: “In Becoming A Ghost” by The Faceless

I’ll be the first to admit that The Faceless are a band that I find difficult to get my head around. Not that they make bad music, far from it. There attitude and approach, the turn over of musicians, the missed tour dates and everything else that surrounds the band like a Bermuda triangle makes

Review: “In Becoming A Ghost” by The Faceless from CKN

Serial reviewer, ranker, list merchant and all round metal as it comes dude coverkillernation has released his review of “In Becoming A Ghost”, the new album from The Faceless. The album is out now via Sumerian Records and the band will be (allegedly) touring the UK in February.

Album Stream: “In Becoming A Ghost” by The Faceless!

The wait for new material from The Faceless is finally over. A new and seemingly settled line-up of Ken “Sorceron” Bergeron (Unclean Vocals), Justin McKinney (Rhythm Guitar), Bryce Butler (Drums) and of course controvercial mastermind/megolomaniac Michael Keene (Lead Guitar, Clean Vocals, Bass and Programming) have delivered. Despite missing UK Tech-Fest in the Summer, the band

NEWS: Maybe The Faceless will tour the UK in February!

The Faceless have announced a UK tour February with support bands to be confirmed. Now having missed them at UK  Tech-Fest due to “unforseen circumstances” we have to ask if this is actually going to happen or if Michael Keane’s band will fail to materialize again. The bands new album “In Becoming A Ghost” is due December 01st