Bootleg: The Faceless at Camden Underworld!

…And down to one. The Faceless delivered a decent album in “In Becoming A Ghost” (check out our review!) via Sumarian Records and got some decent touring under their belt without interruption for the first time in a long time. But the ever controversial Los Angeles, Californian Technical Death Metallers have once again imploded with main man Michael Keane being the only remaining member of the group. You can read statements from the departing band members over at The PRP here as well as an official statement from Michael Keane himself here. Here’s a reminder of what The Faceless are like in their live prime, filmed at London’s Camden Underworld in February. There is also footage of the support bands Jonestown, Sworn Amongst and Osiah at the beginning of the clip. Oh and while we’re in the subject… There is a dedicated Wikipedia page about the former members of The Faceless. Currently at 31. Former members that is…


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