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Bootleg: Brutality Will Prevail at Camden Underworld!

Saying goodbye to your heroes is never easy but it’s always better to see them go out in style. To that end here’s a pro-shot full set with a side order of dedicated drum cam footage courtesy of David Tan which celebrates the force that was Brutality Will Prevail. This was their final live show,

Bootleg: Brutality Will Prevail at Sound Of Revolution Fest!

Pro-Shot by Nick Tronckoe Media at the 2018 incarnation of Sound Of Revolution Fest in Eindhoven Netherlands, here’s a full set from Welsh Metallic Hardcore brutes Brutality Will Prevail. It was the era of “In Dark Places” which added that Groove Metal orientation to their sound before 2019’s “Misery Sequence” was even a twinkling in their

Riff Police! Pull Over! #67: Slayer Vs Brutality Will Prevail!

When you write and release an album that fans deem to be a masterpiece and no doubt achieves critical acclaim, there is always a question mark over how to follow it up and a certain amount of pressure that comes with that. Australian Progressive Metalcore quintet Polaris and Floridan Metalcore wrecking ball Wage War have

NEWS: Brutality Will Prevail enter “Misery Sequence”!

BDHW Records have announced that 13th September will be the release date for the follow up to 2017’s “In Dark Places” by Brutality Will Prevail! Entitled “Misery Sequence”, the album title track has been given the full music video treatment. They have more coming soon…

Bootleg: Pro-Shot full set from Brutality Will Prevail live in London!

Here it is. A Pro-Shot full set from Welsh Hardcore crew Brutality Will Prevail, live from London via MoshCam. Their current album “In Dark Places” is out now via Holyroar Records. Setlist: For Whom The Bell Tolls (intro) (Metallica Cover) Heavy Eyes The Path Purgatory Casket Sins Of Commitment Reprisal Cursed Fallen Apart Trapped Doors,