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NEWS: No way back for Trivium!

A classic music video that splices together live footage from their recent touring activities courtesy of Black Card Films has been offered up for “No Way Back Just Through” by Florida Metalcore heroes Trivium. Serving as a showcase for what to expect from the band in the live arena it also reminds of just how

NEWS: Trivium. Bleed From Within. Orbit Culture. Late Summer!

Having only just completed a European tour with Heaven Shall Burn and Malevolence, Floridia Metalcore merchants Trivium have announced a run of August and September shows across the United Kingdom. They will be joined by Bleed From Within and Orbit Culture for the run which misses out London after their sold out show at The

Bootleg: Trivium in Prague Czech Republic!

Filmed at Forum Karlin in Prague Czech Republic on 20th January, “Sever The Hand” and “Like A Sword Over Damocles” from the set of Trivium on their European tour trek with Heaven Shall Burn and Malevolence have surfaced. The several times rescheduled shows were originally booked for the album before their current one “In The

NEWS: Trivium hide in the shadows?

Does the Planet Metal really need a reminder about how good Floridian Metalcore heroes Trivium are? It seems someone thinks so, which is what Pavel Trebukhin has been chosen to create a visual for “The Shadow Of The Abattoir” from their current album, 2021’s “In The Court Of The Dragon“. The reason they might argue

NEWS: Trivium make way for Ibaraki?

While Trivium continue to build the momentum around “In The Court Of The Dragon“, vocalist and guitarist Matthew Heafy has shared more details about his long-awaited and much-anticipated Ibaraki project. Debut album “Rashomon” will be released on May 6th via Nuclear Blast. The record features a trio of guest appearances with Ihsahn of Emporer, Gerard

NEWS: Trivium take “In The Court Of The Dragon” acoustic!

Continuing his run of releasing an acoustic EP for each album his band have created together, Trivium guitarist and vocalist Matt Heafy has shared five tracks from the bands stunning recent offering “In The Court Of The Dragon” that have been given the makeover. Quite how label home Roadrunner Records haven’t leapt on these and

Bootleg: “Outside” from Malevolence!

If you could have picked one song for Sheffield Shredders Malevolence to cover, what would you pick? “I Will Be Heard” by Hatebreed might be the first pick. But strangely enough, recorded on 25th September at Dig Brew in Birmingham as part of the celebration of the new Trivium album “In The Court Of The Dragon“,

Bootleg: “Like A Sword Over Damocles” from Trivium!

It seems surreal that a band the size of Trivium could be opening for Metallica but then it’s not every day you get the open for your heroes. 4th November saw the pair in Hollywood Florida where Trivium performed “Like A Sword Over Damocles” from their new album “In The Court Of The Dragon” and

Playthrough: “In The Court Of The Dragon” from Trivium!

In a truly unique offering, Trivium vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy has recorded a full album playthrough video for the bands incredible new record “In The Court Of The Dragon” for your viewing pleasure. As something of a double edged sword, this comes in the same day that the news of the bands rescheduled Impericon