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Exclusive Interview: Splitknuckle talk “Breathing Through The Wound”!

After more than a decade of aggression Essex Metallic Hardcore crew Splitknuckle entered Fuzzbrain Studios in Walthamstow with Ben Spence to work on their sophomore album “Breathing Through The Wound“ and the results of that partnership speak for themselves. Spence encouraged the band to get creative and indulge themselves in an exploration of the darker side

Review: “Breathing Through The Wound” by Splitknuckle

Fuelled by themes of Anger, Violence, Inner struggles, Hatred and Betrayal since they arrived on the scene in 2012, Essex Metallic Hardcore crew Splitknuckle have returned six years after their well received sophomore album “Innocence Bleeds” with a fresh sonic abrasion. Working with Ben Spence at Fuzzbrain Studios in Walthamstow, the five piece were encouraged to