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Exclusive Interview: Interpreter talk “Dirtmound”!

After reviewing their debut EP “Dirtmound” which is a full on cathartic energy release that goes off like a nuclear reactor core in melt down, we caught up with Nashville, Tennessee quartet Interpreter, a band putting their own spin on Deathcore and like the Incredible Hulk, bulldozing everything in their path, to find out about their

Review: “Dirtmound” by Interpreter

Bringing to the plate their debut record “Dirtmound“, Nashville, Tennessee quartet Interpreter are keen to point out that they don’t just create in one sub genre of Metal despite being labeled something of a Technical Deathcore outfit by anyone who happens to be listening. Wade Turner (Vocals), Ryan Waldron (Guitar), Jeremy Arvin (Bass) and Aaron

NEWS: Interpreter visit the Doctor?

Johnny Tsunami of Divisive fame lends his throat to the second single from the upcoming debut EP from Nashville, Tennessee Technical Deathcore quintet Interpreter. Entitled “Doctor Discontent“, the single will appear alongside “Warmonger” on their 30th January release “Dirtmound”. Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp with the title track landing in your inbox if you

NEWS: Interpreter start pounding the War drums!

Nashville, Tennessee Technical Deathcore quintet Interpreter have announced their debut EP “Dirtmound” with a lyric video created by Jacob Glover for the previously released track “Warmonger“. There isn’t that long to wait either, with the 30th January 2021 being the date on the tombstone. Pre-orders are available over at bandcamp with the title track landing

NEWS: The clock ticks for Interpreter!

Nashville Tennessee Deathcore collective Interpreter have had some help from Jacob Glover to create a lyric video for a brand new single “Tic Toxic“, a track written in quarantine. The band comment: “We bring to you guys our quarantine song, for we know that COVID 19 hasn’t been easy for anyone and some have lost loved

Playthrough: “Welcome Home” from Interpreter!

Back in September 2109 Nashville Tennessee Deathcore collective Interpreter dropped the crushingly heavy single “Welcome Home“, not surprisingly mixed and mastered by Sammy SlamDance. To celebrate the birthday of guitarist Storm Jett, they have allowed him out of the damp basement to record this guitar playthrough for the track, which appears in its original form

Bootleg: “Warmonger” from Interpreter!

So earlier in the week, Chugcore Promotions let the zombie out of the body bag with the debut single from Tennessee Deathcore collective Interpreter! Entitled “Welcome Home” it’s the welcome to house on hill. Recorded last week by Jessica Sullivan, here’s “Warmonger” from Fish Fest 2019.

Playthrough: “Warmonger” by Interpreter!

Interpreter sticksman Aaron Hugen has stepped into the studio to record a drum playthrough for “Warmonger”. Recorded in their home town of Nashville Tennessee, the Slamming Deathcore collective launched their debut single “Welcome Home” earlier this week via Chugcore Promotions! Expect a debut EP very, very soon.

NEWS: Interpreter welcome you to the house on the hill…

Tennessee Deathcore collective Interpreter have laid down a guantlet to A Night In Texas, Chelsea Grin and Angelmaker with their debut single “Welcome Home” appearing via Chugcore Promotions and delivering some seriously bone crunching, skull smashing energy! Expect more material from them real soon with shows kicking off already!