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The Black Map #126: Wolves Don’t Sleep from Nottingham!

Nottingham is known for a lot of things, including having a wealth of high quality bands emanating from every orifice with Wolves Don’t Sleep being just one of them. Formed in 2015 and doing all the groundwork by sharing stages with everyone from Borders to Isolate and playing venues from Norwich to Sheffield in the

Playthrough: “Oceans” by Isolate!

Leeds Metalcore quartet Isolate have picked “Oceans” from their sophomore release “Breaking Point” for a guitar playthrough video that shows off not only the talents of guitarist Rob Hemingway but also the Neural DSP gear they use. 20th September will see them join Deadthrone and Deceiver in supporting InVisions at The Key Club in Leeds…

NEWS: Isolate share “The Strid” music video!

Filmed at the EP launch show for “Breaking Point” on 12th June 2019, Isolate have shared a video for “The Strid“. They’ve announced a two year anniversary show for their debut EP “Koi No Umi” at The Mulberry Bar and Venue in Sheffield that will see them joined by Empusa, Malign and Infirm of Purpose

NEWS: Lucky Number Seven for Malign?

Mancunian Beatdown Hardcore six piece Malign have kicked off 2020 with a seven show announcement after they were joined by members of Broken Down and Street Soldier for guest spots on their debut EP “Stand Your Ground”. These shows are a who’s who of the UK Underground Metal Scene with an array of acts playing everything from Straight

Metal Noise TV: October!

I see Godzilla. October was an absolutely Monsterous month for new material with new EPs from Mind Power, Isolate and Bury Your Dead alongside albums from Jinjer, Fit For An Autopsy and Varials to name but a few. The Metal Noise playlist racked up 100 music videos in the month that saw Halloween so that

Review: “Break Point” EP by Isolate

Leeds quartet vocalist James Dewhirst, vocalist and guitarist Rob Hemmingway, drummer Jamie Tucker and guitarist Sam McEvoy are otherwise known as Isolate. We’ve been following them since their debut EP “Koi No Umi” which dropped in March 2018, which is as solid as they come. So now it’s time to check out their sophomore effort

NEWS: “Greyjoy” with Isolate!

Previously appearing on our Black Map of the UK Metal Underground Scene, Leeds natives Isolate have announced a brand new EP “Break Point” with single “Greyjoy” hammering home some drop C tuned riffage! The EP will appear on 4th October with a home town show at The Key Club on 12th. They’ll be joined by

NEWS: Isolate dive into the “Oceans”!

Leeds Metal quartet Isolate are working on an as yet untitled EP and have announced it with a music video for a new song called “Oceans”. Expect some serious shows around the EP release because if it’s anything like the bands previous recording “Koi No Umi” then it’s going to be begging to be heard

NEWS: Minteh Fest line-up announcement!

The bizarrely titled Minteh Fest (as in Minty fresh?!) will be taking place at The Mulberry Bar and Venue in Sheffield on 29th June. The one dayer has a phenomenal line up and at just £10 on the door, is the sale of the century! Making your ears bleed will be… Asleep At The Helm

Bootleg: “Reverie” from Isolate!

Filmed at their last show with drummer  Kieran Gotts, here is footage of Leeds Isolate performing “Reverie”. The release of the cut comes with the promise of new music, however if you haven’t heard it already, “Koi No Uni” is out now!