The Black Map #126: Wolves Don’t Sleep from Nottingham!

Nottingham is known for a lot of things, including having a wealth of high quality bands emanating from every orifice with Wolves Don’t Sleep being just one of them. Formed in 2015 and doing all the groundwork by sharing stages with everyone from Borders to Isolate and playing venues from Norwich to Sheffield in the past couple of years, they’ve found a niche sound for themselves that they’re calling Emotional Metalcore or “Emocore” for short. 2016 saw a debut EP “The Monster You Are” and a couple of singles later 2020 has seen “If I’m the Snake Then You’re the Ladder” fall from the sky. The quartet are partial to a game of Uno, like a bit of Bleed From Within and are even signed to Empire Music, the home of Old Wharf and Arkdown for their show bookings…

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