The Black Map #148: Hellfekted from Stoke on Trent!

From Southampton to Stoke in a single death defying leap for this weeks entry in our black map of the UK Underground Metal scene? Call us Dr. Banner, but not without good reason. Back in May 2020, Blackend Thrash trio Liam Stubbs, Chris Brownrigg and Myles Stockton, otherwise known as Hellfekted, pulled the pin on a new album set for 2021 with a behemoth of a track in “Method of Destruction“. A tale of an eternal war against the evil that lurks in the shadows, it appeared unexpectedly just 6 weeks after the band had dropped an album in “Woe To The Kingdom Of Blood“, perhaps a sign of post mortem boredom and the inability to tour the new record due to the Great Plague. They’d been sharpening their swords against the grindstone since 2019 when they shouted “Fire At Will” and served their dues with good company at a clutch of Underground Metal shows including the “Desecration” EP launch show for Edinburgh Thrash Kings Ifreann and standing beside Thrasherwolf on Valentines Day in London. So we warn you. 2021 will see Hellfekted speaking the truth as they open the gates of hell…

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