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NEWS: Old Wharf to reduce venues to rubble with Depravity in April!

After the tidal wave of down tuned riffs that is their third EP “Wither“, Wolverhampton based Slamming Beatdown Deathcore protagonists Old Wharf have announced a quartet of shows for April. Dubbed “Wither In the UK” the run is presented by Grow Cold Bookings and finds them supported by Depravity for four nights and four nights

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 EPs of 2023!

How do you go about solving a problem like picking your top #5 EPs of 2023? Like any puzzle you break it down into smaller, easier to digest pieces and we do so by creating a few rules. It has to have been released in the year 2023, reviewed in the year 2023 and stick

Review: “Wither” by Old Wharf

A black spot in our vision since 2019 when they were a five piece wrecking machine, Wolverhampton Slamming Beatdown Deathcore collective Old Wharf have continued to defy the odds stacked against them like gambling chips at a casino and keep churning out the high grade Semtex level material with alarming regularity. They have never created

Documentary: Recording “Wither” with Old Wharf!

A few days before the release of their third EP “Wither“, which includes a guest vocal appearance from Devin Duarte of Worm Shepherd fame, Wolverhampton Slamming Beatdown Deathcore collective Old Wharf have shared a making of featurette for the record. A slice of highly anticipated brutality with a side of down tuned riffs is on

Playthrough: “Sombre” from Old Wharf!

As with their last single “Dread“, vocalist Hayden Shemilt was behind the camera to record guitarist Dan Tait for a playthrough video for new song “Sombre” as the Wolverhampton Slamming Beatdown Deathcore collective Old Wharf rise from the grave once more. If you missed it, the track features a guest vocal appearance from Devin Duarte

NEWS: Old Wharf get rowdy with Worm Shepherd!

Allowing vocalist Hayden Shemilt to go toe to toe with Devin Duarte of Worm Shepherd fame, Wolverhampton Slamming Beatdown Deathcore brutes Old Wharf have offered up another virgin sacrifice in”Sombre” from a forthcoming EP. That is rumoured to be called “Wither” and feature their other recent single “Dread” with the distinctive possibility that a live

Playthrough: “Dread” from Old Wharf!

The talk of the town is that our favourite Wolverhampton hybrid Beatdown Deathcore crew Old Wharf have a new EP on the way with new single “Dread” the first from it. If that should be the case, it would their third in all with 2019’s “Reside” expanded into a full album for a 2022 deluxe

NEWS: It’s fear, loathing and dread for Old Wharf in Las Vegas!

Whisper it but it looks very much like the subliminal messages encoded in their social media teasing means that a new EP from Wolverhampton Beatdown Deathcore collective Old Wharf titled “Wither” is on the way. They have thrown “Dread” to the Wolves baying for blood at their door in order to stave them off for

Review: “Slumtracks” by Stitched

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Sam Bloor (Graywave, Incinery, Cauldron) at Lower Lane Studios, “Slumtracks” is the sophomore EP from Birmingham Beatdown Hardcore crew Stitched, a band who wore their 90’s Hardcore influences on their selves with their debut record “Beneath The Surface“. That was released back in February 2020 and since the World has

The Black Map #240: Enmity from Guildford!

Dry January maybe approaching its bitter ending but that hasn’t stopped the discerning Metal Head from collecting a steaming Sunday morning hangover after over indulging the night before. Who doesn’t need to let off a bit of steam at the end of a stressful working week? So as is customary we use our weekly Black