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Listmania: Metal Noise Spotify Wrapped 2020!

That’s right, it’s that time of year folks! Spotify Wrapped has given us the top 20 tunes we listened to in 2020, so rather than share the full list, we’re going to do what we did in 2019 and hit you with 5 of those records which we listened to the most in 2020. Just

Playthrough: “Porcelain Hearts” from Old Wharf!

Having been asked for tabs for their songs over the past couple of years, Wolverhampton Beatdown Deathcore act Old Wharf have given into the weight of pressure and recorded what could be the first of many guitar playthrough videos. Their first choice is “Porcelain Hearts” and with a trio of shows booked with Suffer for

The Black Map #126: Wolves Don’t Sleep from Nottingham!

Nottingham is known for a lot of things, including having a wealth of high quality bands emanating from every orifice with Wolves Don’t Sleep being just one of them. Formed in 2015 and doing all the groundwork by sharing stages with everyone from Borders to Isolate and playing venues from Norwich to Sheffield in the

NEWS: Suffer and Old Wharf join forces in March 2021!

UK Deathcore titans Suffer and Old Wharf will be sharing a trio of stages over a long weekend in March 2021. Both bands hail from Wolverhampton and will be making the trek with a wealth of material between them. In the current climate these could actually be the first shows that Suffer get to perform

Review: “Heavy Silence” EP by Suffer

Suffer are a Beatdown Deathcore band known for bringing that Black Country Brutality when it comes to the live arena and a year after their debut EP “Slerm“, the quintet are back with a couple of friends for round two. The surprise is that vocalist Michael “Chobba” Crutchley, guitarist duo Ashley Edwards and Kieran Whitehouse

Review: “Slerm” EP by Suffer

Wolverhampton Beatdown Deathcore collective Suffer – Chobba (Vocals), Jack (Drums), Ash (Guitar), Jack (Bass) and Kie (Guitar) – like their music like they like their anvils. Heavy. They’ve racked up the live shows, appearing at the final incarnation of Fall In The Brawl and also sharing stages with the likes of Harbinger and Vexed since

The Black Map #99: Suffer from Wolverhampton!

Heading 89 miles from Liverpool down the M6 to Wolverhampton for this weeks journey into uncharted territory that is the Black Map of the UK Underground Metal scene, it’s time to check out Suffer. They’re a five piece Beatdown Deathcore collective with a reputation for leaping Metal sub-genres in single death defying bounds, being more

Bootleg: Old Wharf in Wolverhampton!

What more can we say about Old Wharf that we haven’t already said? Who doesn’t like a hometown throwdown with a Beatdown Deathcore act? Filmed at The Giffard Arms in their native Wolverhampton on 27th July 2019, here’s the gents hammering out “Reside” in fine form. 2020 might not be that old but they’ve already

NEWS: Old Wharf shudder at the “Words Of Snake”!

Now calling themselves a “Hybrid Beatdown” act – that’s an infusion of Metalcore, Hardcore, Slam, Deathcore and of course Beatdown – Wolverhampton crew Old Wharf have unleashed their fourth single since their debut EP “Reside“. Entitled “Words Of A Snake” the track is dedicated to anyone who has had lies spread about them, stories made

NEWS: Miscreant Winter Quartet!

Nottingham Gloom Metal quartet Miscreant have set 11th January as the date for the release show for “Dancing With Fear“, their debut EP for Stay Sick Recordings! It’s one of four shows they have announced for the remainder of the winter and includes the one dayer hosted by Pipeline Promotions called “Darkfield II” which is