The Black Map #240: Enmity from Guildford!

Dry January maybe approaching its bitter ending but that hasn’t stopped the discerning Metal Head from collecting a steaming Sunday morning hangover after over indulging the night before. Who doesn’t need to let off a bit of steam at the end of a stressful working week? So as is customary we use our weekly Black Map feature to introduce you a some of the lesser lights of heaven, bands and solo projects from all over the United Kingdom who have caught our Magpie like eye with their shinny offerings.

Guilford Blackened Deathcore outfit Enmity were one of those bands who suffered at the hands of fate as having started the journey with a quartet of shows at the tail end of 2019 they had all of their plans for World domination washed away in a tsunami otherwise known as the great plague years. They had actually begun recording their debut EP in August 2019 and those shows saw them treading the boards with Old Wharf, Vakora, Break Fifty and Harlekin before the situation became dire. But not to be disheartened the quintet resurfaced with debut single “Condemned” at the end of October 2022 for your listening pleasure. They’ve had enough time to record a couple of albums worth of material by this point but we’d settle for that debut EP as on this evidence alone it will be a scorcher.

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