Review: “Slumtracks” by Stitched

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Sam Bloor (Graywave, Incinery, Cauldron) at Lower Lane Studios, “Slumtracks” is the sophomore EP from Birmingham Beatdown Hardcore crew Stitched, a band who wore their 90’s Hardcore influences on their selves with their debut record “Beneath The Surface“. That was released back in February 2020 and since the World has turned from pleasure to plague and pestilence and back again leaving no doubt that an impact will be wrapped into this somewhere. Between times the band dropped a pair of singles in “Spoiled Rotten” and “Parasite” from 2021 which have now been cut adrift as standalone but offer a quiet evolution perhaps influenced by bands like Harms Way

Playing on apocalyptic themes with a spoken word to end all spoken words “Occulture” ushers in a dark new day with a single biting verse and classic Hardcore riffs a plenty. As a phrase, “Bring Back the Hate” has been the mantra of Stitched since long before they dropped their debut EP and here that phrase has been turned into a full blown song designed to incite Mosh pit violence. A call to arms it simply states that there are too many apathetic, disengaged and disenchanted people and they need the hate to drive them forward. It’s here that things begin to shift as while the band keep things bounce heavy, high quality and yet straightforward (exactly what you would expect from the genre) they begin to add dark electronic moments that serve to enhance the atmosphere of darkness. The first of a trio of guest vocal appearances comes from Hayden Shemilt of Old Wharf in the two steppers delight that is “Happy To Inflict“. Punchy and aggressive, this one has at its beating black heart a chorus with a scream along factor in the same vein as “I Will Be Heard” by Hatebreed and resonates before Shemilt delivers a few seconds of Slam violence to add a little more sparkle. Jonny Price adds a shrill savagery to proceedings on “No One Likes a Rat“, a classic finger pointing tune that has a name as well as riffs that reach through the void and touch Death Metal territory. It feels like the previous moments of electronic sounds have been creating a subliminal message that a full blown track is on the way an “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” doesn’t disappoint. Blending programming with suppressed guitars and a Gloom Rap inspired¬† whispered vocal, it’s as sinister as they come before building up gradually with voices in your head vibes before breaking out in brutal full throttle fashion. An interesting concept it confirms that there is more than meets the eye to Stitched and that variety could be the spice of life, given the time to breathe. “Broken Mirror” is the last offering and sees the band joined by former Gassed Up vocalist Dan Crossley who delivers a Grime verse over breakbeats slapped in the middle of a powerhouse Hardcore cut. As a mashup it works incredibly well while sonically dancing on the grave of bands like Pitchshifter. Stitched are growing strong and instead of going down the Deathcore route are making a sound all of their own [8/10]

  1. Occulture
  2. Bring Back the Hate
  3. Happy to Inflict (ft. Hayden Shemilt of Old Wharf)
  4. No One Likes a Rat (ft. Jonny Price)
  5. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
  6. Broken Mirror (ft. Dan Crossley of Gassed Up)

Slumtracks” by Stitched is out now

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