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Review: “Terra Phasma” by Arkdown

The better part of four years have passed since 2018’s “The Calling” and for Sheffield riff beasts Arkdown, more recent times have given them the opportunity to rest and reflect. Vocalist Kyle Dawson has exited stage left to be replaced by Joe Hallam as the band venture forth into the age of “Terra Phasma” with

NEWS: Arkdown head out to the boarderlands…

The second single cut from the upcoming new Arkdown album “Terra Phasma“, produced, mixed and mastered by Bound In Fear guitarist Keir Campbell (Detest, The Stygian Complex) of Kascade Collective had landed in “Badlands”. Given the full red carpet music video treatment, it has appeared as the band prepare for the live debut of new

NEWS: Arkdown announce “Terra Phasma”!

It has been all change in the Arkdown camp with the Sheffield Riff Beasts announcing new vocalist Joe Hallam has replaced Kyle Dawson just two days before the announcement of a new album to keep us warm this winter in “Terra Phasma“. Offering seven cuts for seven sins and mixed and mastered by Bound In

Playthrough: “Myoclonic” by Isolate!

It’s time for something of a celebration as Leeds Post-Metalcore outfit Isolate have got a LOT of friends together to learn the guitar parts of their recent single “Myoclonic” for a truly unique and special playthrough video. Who are they? Well aside from a clutch of guitarists not linked to a band currently, you’ve also

The Black Map #126: Wolves Don’t Sleep from Nottingham!

Nottingham is known for a lot of things, including having a wealth of high quality bands emanating from every orifice with Wolves Don’t Sleep being just one of them. Formed in 2015 and doing all the groundwork by sharing stages with everyone from Borders to Isolate and playing venues from Norwich to Sheffield in the

The Black Map #92: Arkdown from Sheffield!

The forth installment of our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene for 2020 sees us head from Glasgow and Fatal Collision to Sheffield. Formed in late 2015, Arkdown have been heralded as “Steel City Riff Beasts” with a sound floating between Modern Metalcore and Deathcore they are proud to be endorsed by Fireball

Playthrough: “Loveless” from Faces Of Eve!

2019 was an incredible year for Hertfordshire Progressive Metallers Faces Of Eve. They announced a new drummer, released a pair of singles and played a shed load of shows including Mortal Metal Festival and Tech-Fest! They’ll no doubt be doing the same this year with 24th January seeing them join Arkdown at Nottingham’s Old Salutation

NEWS: Arkdown head to Ireland in March!

2020 may only be a couple of weeks old but Sheffield Metallers Arkdown have unveiled a brand new single in “Miasma” and a trio of Irish shows for March already! Start as you mean to carry on? Hell yes! Now they may look to have put an empire line across the map, tying it neatly

NEWS: Arkdown return with Miasmic!

Five piece Steel City Riff Beasts Arkdown have returned with a follow up single to 2018 EP “The Calling“. Metal Hammer said they have a “Death Metal twist on the usual Metalcore methodology” which is the simplest and most accurate description of their sound we’ve ever heard. You can pick up the single over at

NEWS: Unearthed Festival 2020 line up!

Offering promotions, merch, graphic design and tour management, Unearthed Music have announced a one day, 22 bands festival across two stages! There will be no band clashes so you can see everyone on the bill moving between Manchester Aatma and Peer Hat on 25th January the line up for Unearthed Festival 2020 is as follows;