The Black Map #92: Arkdown from Sheffield!

The forth installment of our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene for 2020 sees us head from Glasgow and Fatal Collision to Sheffield. Formed in late 2015, Arkdown have been heralded as “Steel City Riff Beasts” with a sound floating between Modern Metalcore and Deathcore they are proud to be endorsed by Fireball Whisky, Bare Knuckle pickups, Los Cabos drumsticks and Vocalzone. Their journey began with their debut EP “Paths” which dropped in January 2016 and let to a career highlight support slot with Drewsif Stalin. In the two years that followed, they played shows all over the UK with the likes of Godeater, Harbinger, Osiah and Oceans Ate Alaska before sophomore 2018 EP “The Calling” a nod to the French term “L’appel du vide” (Call Of The Void), the urge to throw one’s self into danger. A release that took a step forward and wasn’t afraid to try a few things, it will see them heading to Portugal and Ireland for their first forays away from our green and pleasant land. If new single “Misamic” is anything to go by, their future is so bright, it will burn you retinas.

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