The Black Map #128: Thrasherwolf from London!

Staying in London for a second week in a row might open up a North Vs South divide if we were in poli-tricks but we ain’t, we’re in Metal; so all is fair when it comes to our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal scene. There is plenty of Metal being created in our forge of a country and so it all deserves to be celebrated, no matter where it’s from. So today we turn our attention from the female fronted Deathcore collective that is Vexed to London Thrash Metal quartet Thrasherwolf; a band who like nothing more than some Good Ol’ Fashioned Violence. In “We Are Revolution” they have recorded an album that is very much a call to arms which places them firmly among the pack of leaders when it comes to the current Thrash resurgence; having honed their skills and sharpened their blades over the past 4 years playing shows and ripping up the script with their debut EP “Blood Moon” in 2018. So it should come as no surprise that a devastating set of adrenaline soaked riffs decimate the weak when it comes to their debut album, which sees them going from strength to strength.

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