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Bootleg: Enemy Mind in Reading!

That’s Reading Pennsylvania at Reverb on 21st December 2019, pro-shot by Hate5six and featuring tracks from their current EP “Killer Beef“. The Pittsburgh Beatdown Death Metallers were upon our shores in February with Cold Hard Truth, Splitknuckle and Bun Dem Out, so hopefully they will return before too long. Their appearance at the 2019 incarnation

Bootleg: Enemy Mind in Philadelphia!

26th July 2019 saw Pittsburgh Beatdown Death Metallers Enemy Mind at the Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia playing a set that includes “Watch Yourself” and “We Hate You” from their biting “Killer Beef” EP. It’s got a werewolf beast man on the cover, you can not go wrong. Their next show is at Motor City Fest

Bootleg: Enemy Mind in Belgium!

Pro-shot in multi cam style by Nick Tronckoe and Basile Rabaey on 23rd February 2020 in Den Eglantier, Sint-Niklaas Belgium, here’s a full set from the brilliant Enemy Mind. The set includes a cover of “In The Trenches” by Dying Fetus as well as “Carried By Six” and “Dead Wrong“. For those that missed it,

Bootleg: Enemy Mind in Philadelphia!

“Killer Beef” by Enemy Mind has to be a contender for one of the EPs of the year. Featuring guest appearances from Jason Hominsky of Built Upon Frustration and Pelbu of Bun Dem Out and Knuckledust fame it’s a Beatdown Hardcore record with a bit of Death Metal spice that everyone can enjoy. Pro-Shot at Underground Arts in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on

Playthrough: “Watch Yourself” from Enemy Mind!

Mike Greenfield isn’t the only member of Enemy Mind to be busy of late having appeared on the new Nothing Is Sacred EP. Guitarist Andy Kichi has recorded a playthrough for the opening track of their brutal “Killer Beef” EP which features a guest appearance from Jason Hominsky of Built Upon Frustration

Playthrough: “Loyal To Myself” from Enemy Mind!

Using B Standard tuning, Enemy Mind guitarist Andy Kichi has picked up his axe an laid down a playthrough video for “Loyal To Myself” from the bands current EP “Killer Beef”! You can check out what we thought of that in the review section. The cover artwork is choice!

Review: “Killer Beef” EP by Enemy Mind

The Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Beatdown Hardcore crew who like a bit of Death Metal known as Enemy Mind are a quintet well honed in the ethos of the street. A pair of albums and now a pair of EPs down the track, this one should be one to solidify their sound. “If you knew you wouldn’t

Bootleg: Enemy Mind in New York!

Pro-Shot at the Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn New York on 24th November 2018, Here’s a full set from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Metallic Hardcore crew Enemy Mind. We’ve got a review of their brand new EP “Killer Beef” appearing on these pages tomorrow, so keep them peeled!

NEWS: Enemy Mind ask you to “Watch Yourself”!

Featuring guest appearances from Pelbu of Bun Dem Out and Knuckledust and Jason Hominsky of Built Upon Frustration, “Killer Beef” is the upcoming new EP from Enemy Mind. The Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Beatdown Hardcore crew who like a bit of Death Metal have pre-orders available over at bandcamp for the 19th April with “Watch Yourself” streaming