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Playthrough: “Lost Boy” from Whitechapel!

As “Kin” will mark the recording debut for Whitechapel drummer Alex Rudinger, the band have let him take a moment in the limelight with a playthrough video for the albums first single “Lost Boy“. 29th October via Metal Blade Records is the date you need to know if you want to witness the bands continued

Documentary: Artwork Analysis of “Kin” with Whitechapel!

The thematic sequel to “The Valley” and the eighth studio record from Whitechapel entitled “Kin” has been graced by artwork painted by Jillian Savage, the wife of lead guitarist Ben Savage and he goes in deep on the process that was used to create it as well as the hidden meanings and things within the

Playthrough: “Lost Boy” from Whitechapel!

We may still only have the one single from the 29th October via Metal Blade Records releasing eighth studio album “Kin” from Whitechapel but the band have invested heavily in it, Phil Bozeman giving “Lost Boy” a behind the lyrics analysis before guitarists Ben Savage, Alex Wade and Zach Householder rip through a playthrough video

Documentary: Behind the lyrics of “Lost Boy” with Whitechapel!

Four days after the announcement of a new album in “Kin” alongside first single “Lost Boy” and Whitechapel vocalist Phil Bozeman goes in deep on the meaning behind the lyrics of it all. The album is said to be a thematic continuation of their last, the critically acclaimed and simply stunning “The Valley” and this

NEWS: Whitechapel being the march with “Lost Boy”!

The critically acclaimed “The Valley” which transcended Deathcore to deliver something spellbinding was alway going to be a tough act to follow for Whitechapel but on 29th October via Metal Blade Records will see the band unveil “Kin“, an album which vocalist Phil Bozeman has described as continuing the flow of the storyline and storytelling