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Bootleg: Lacuna Coil at Wacken!

As we’re almost a month into Festival season, Wacken Open Air Festival have done is a favour and shared a trio of tunes from Lacuna Coil during last summers extravaganza. “Trip The Darkness“, “Heaven’s A Lie” and “Our Truth” all make the grade with the heavier anniversary version of “Comalies” still ringing in our ears.

NEWS: A new dawn for Lacuna Coil?

Returning Gothic laced Italian Alternative Metal titans Lacuna Coil have unleashed their recently announced single “Never Dawn“. Released in partnership with CMON, the renowned board game publisher behind the popular game “Zombicide”, the single is notable addition to their Kickstarter project, “Zombicide: White Death” and was initially used as an instrumental version in a campaign

NEWS: Inverno prey for the Martyrs?

Inverno maybe a new Italian Metal band but there are plenty of familiar faces in their ranks with the collective formed of Diego Cavallotti (Lacuna Coil), Danilo Arisi (Avelion), Daniele Salomone (ex D With Us), Nicola Pedrali (Genus Ordinis Dei) and Simone Orizio (ex A Hero Named Coward). They have unveiled a fourth single in one called “Martyrs” completed with a music video directed by Ruben

Interview: Lacuna Coil talk “Comalies XX” with Trey Xavier!

Split into two sections the latest episode of the “How Songs Are Made” series from Trey Xavier finds him talking to Andrea “Andy” Ferro from Italian Gothic Metallers Lacuna Coil. The subject of the interview is of course the bands 20th Anniversary reincarnation of their seminal album “Comalies“, one which we reviewed not so long

Review: “Comalies XX” by Lacuna Coil

“This is not a reboot or a spin-off or anything like that, we just wanted to give these songs a 2022 dress and see that this guy or girl who was born 20 years ago would still look f***ing slick in 2022.” says vocalist Christina Scabbia.

Bootleg: “Blood, Tears, Dust” from Lacuna Coil!

Courtesy of Iron Serbian from Capital Chaos TV at The Regency in San Francisco California on 17th April, here’s “Blood, Tears, Dust” from Lacuna Coil as they head from Atlanta Georgia to Toronto Ontario Canada on a month long stateside trek with Apocalptica. They have also announced a collection of Festival appearances for the summer

Bootleg: “Veneficium” from Lacuna Coil!

Italian Metal giants Lacuna Coil have shared another new live track and video for “Veneficium” today via Century Media Records. The track is from the band’s forthcoming live album, “Live From The Apocalypse” which is set for release on 25th June via Century Media. The album was recorded at the famed Alcatraz Club in the

Bootleg: “Apocalypse” from Lacuna Coil!

Filmed in their home town of Milan Italy at the famed Alcatraz Club, Italian metal giants Lacuna Coil have announced the release of a new live album, entitled “Live From The Apocalypse”, to be released on 25th June via Century Media. The show was one originally a live streamed event that saw them perform current album

Interview: Lacuna Coil talk Party Time!

“A million times, One million fights, It’s nothing just another game of who’s to blame, It’s never alright, We’re never just fine, And now forever seems like yesterday, This s*** is Bananas, B.A.N.A.N.A.S, This s*** is Bananas, B.A.N.A.N.A.S” The latest episode of “Party Time Excellent” sees Lacuna Coil vocalist Andrea Ferro talk to Lena Scissorhands