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Bootleg: “Blood, Tears, Dust” from Lacuna Coil!

Courtesy of Iron Serbian from Capital Chaos TV at The Regency in San Francisco California on 17th April, here’s “Blood, Tears, Dust” from Lacuna Coil as they head from Atlanta Georgia to Toronto Ontario Canada on a month long stateside trek with Apocalptica. They have also announced a collection of Festival appearances for the summer

Bootleg: “Veneficium” from Lacuna Coil!

Italian Metal giants Lacuna Coil have shared another new live track and video for “Veneficium” today via Century Media Records. The track is from the band’s forthcoming live album, “Live From The Apocalypse” which is set for release on 25th June via Century Media. The album was recorded at the famed Alcatraz Club in the

Bootleg: “Apocalypse” from Lacuna Coil!

Filmed in their home town of Milan Italy at the famed Alcatraz Club, Italian metal giants Lacuna Coil have announced the release of a new live album, entitled “Live From The Apocalypse”, to be released on 25th June via Century Media. The show was one originally a live streamed event that saw them perform current album

Interview: Lacuna Coil talk Party Time!

“A million times, One million fights, It’s nothing just another game of who’s to blame, It’s never alright, We’re never just fine, And now forever seems like yesterday, This s*** is Bananas, B.A.N.A.N.A.S, This s*** is Bananas, B.A.N.A.N.A.S” The latest episode of “Party Time Excellent” sees Lacuna Coil vocalist Andrea Ferro talk to Lena Scissorhands

Documentary: Infected Rain in the UK!

Continuing their “Tour Life” series, Moldovan Metallers Infected Rain have documented the UK stretch of their 2019 winter run with Lacuna Coil & Eluveitie with another hilarious behind the scenes, warts and all look at… tour life! April will see them land in the US for an extended run with new album “Endorphin” out now

NEWS: Wednesday 13 joined by Cristina Scabbia!

We had almost forgotten that Wednesday 13 had signed up Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil for “Monster” on his current album “Necrophaze“, but Nuclear Blast have reminded us with this new lyric video for the track. The band are out with The 69 Eyes, The Nocturnal Affair and The Crowned in the US starting at

Documentary: Infected Rain Tour Life #4!

Part #4 of the “Tour Life” documentary from Infected Rain sees Moldova’s Napalm Records signings on the road between Zurich Switzerland and Antwerp Belgium with a pair of stops in Germany in between. The run was in support of Lacuna Coil with Eluveitie also on board at the end of 2019. This episode of the

Interview: Cristina Scabbia talks Lacuna Coil!

Filmed in Tampere, Finland during their Autumn/Winter tour 2019 with Lacuna Coil and Eluveitie, Infected Rain frontwoman Lena Scissorhands has done a hilarious interview with Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia which ask the all important questions. Like “What are addicted to?” and “If you could be one of the characters (movies, video games, comics), who would

Review: “New Load Continue” by Geschlecht

In following up up their 2016 self-titled debut EP, Northern Italian’s GESCHLECHT wanted a Producer who matched their ambition and artistic vision. Not afraid to merge Industrial vibes and Extreme Metal Amedeo Finati (vocals), Amedeo Casale (guitar), Edoardo Volpato (bass), Fabio Speroni (drums) opted for Lacuna Coil drummer Richard Meiz (also in Genus Ordinis Dei).