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Review: “Last Days” by Impending Doom

It seems strange to say it but “Last Days” marks the first independent record in the career of Riverside Californian Deathcore mainstays Impending Doom since their 2005 demo “The Sin and Doom of Godless Men“. Since they’ve released six albums, two splits and now this, their second back to back EP following 2021’s critically acclaimed

NEWS: Impending Doom make it two from three!

…with 7 days to go before the release of their first independent EP “Last Days“, Riverside Californian Deathcore collective Impending Doom have unleashed the second of the three cuts make the grade in “In The End“. Just the third EP of the bands career it also happens to be their second since 2018’s full length

NEWS: It’s perpetual forward motion for Impending Doom!

Believe it or not, the 20th November will see the first independent, label free record release in the eighteen year career to date of Riverside Californian Deathcore outfit Impending Doom. They have created for our listening pleasure a new three track EP on follow up to 2021’s “Hellbent” titled “Last Days” with “Eternal“, “In The