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Playthrough: “Disillusioned” by Leo Viridi!

Complete with cover art that looks as though it was inspired by the best video games of the late 90’s, “LV1”, the debut full length album from Leo Viridi sees him joined by a host of guests. He’s posted this guitar playthrough video for instrumental “Disillusioned” which saw him play with ex-Megadeth drummer Shaun Drover

Playthrough: “Something To Prove” by Leo Viridi!

A little while back we reviewed “LV1”, the debut full length from Leo Viridi. He’s joined by former Megadeth pairing Shaun and Glen Drover for this cut “Something To Prove” from the record which has now gained a Playthrough video. How he manages to keep that hair away from his guitar strings while headbanging, we’ll

Review: “LV1” by Leo Viridi

It has been an interesting 18 months or so for solo musicians and duo collaboration projects with a multi instrumentalist and a vocalist pairing up to release and album or EP. As a Guitarist, self taught from age 17, Leo Viridi has chosen to get a group of guests on board to help him complete