Review: “The World Keeps Turning” by Leo Viridi

A concept EP that tells a story of trying to navigate this existence and understanding the World for what it is, “The World Keeps Turning” is the follow up the 2019’s “LV1” which saw Multi instrumentalist Leo Viridi joined by a wealth of collaborators including members and former members of Megadeth, Act of Defiance, King Diamond, Dream Theater, Sons of Apollo, Mutiny Within, Weaing Scars and Dissension Rising. This time around he’s rejoined by former Firewind vocalist Henning Basse while Devin Mysyk sat in the producers chair as the self taught guitarist rises again…

The thunderous drum sound of “Break From Gravity” brings that depth of and weight sound that the song title calls for with Basse sounding taking on Axl Rose or Scott Weiland esq vocal tones with more progressive and theatric lyrics than perhaps either of those two could have offered with Guns ‘n Roses or Stone Temple Pilots. The soundscape is a traditional Heavy Metal one with a distinctive rhythmical groove and short and sweet lead lick, a satisfying crunch underpinning everything. “In My Eyes, As I See” continues in the same vein with more of a nod to bands like Dio and Rainbow vocally but with a far heavier guitar tone in play than either of those bands would have used in their prime. A longer solo on this one is an absolute must hear piece of magic, while the more driven approach suits the pair perfectly. Bass heavy “Untold Millions” sounds a little bit raw in the mix as if the levels aren’t quite right but still makes for an enthralling listen with some nice Thrash riffs from Viridi as Basse depicts the end of civilization as we know it thanks to a lie.┬áThe title track is a longer affair that surpasses the 8 minute mark with captivating couple of minutes of build up before the vocals come into play. Basse name drops the opening song in the lyrical fold which as you might expect warns that the World will still be there with or without you so you need take control in order not to lose your soul. There are moments of more progressive sparkle in the mix and some nuanced leanings that play off of Viking Folk Metal before returning to the root, the gargantuan drum sound and what sounds like it could be an organ in play in the final third makes for stirring stuff [7.5/10]
Track Listing:
1. Break From Gravity
2. In My Eyes, As I See
3. Untold Millions
4. The World Keeps Turning
The World Keeps Turning” by Leo Viridi is out 11th December

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