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Review: “The World Keeps Turning” by Leo Viridi

A concept EP that tells a story of trying to navigate this existence and understanding the World for what it is, “The World Keeps Turning” is the follow up the 2019’s “LV1” which saw Multi instrumentalist Leo Viridi joined by a wealth of collaborators including members and former members of Megadeth, Act of Defiance, King

NEWS: “The World Keeps Turning” for Leo Viridi!

In July 2019 we reviewed the debut album “LV1” from Leo Viridi, who was joined by musicians who had performed in the likes of Dissension Rising, Megadeth, Act of Defiance, King Diamond, Dream Theater, Sons of Apollo, Mutiny Within and Wearing Scars and took the best of all of those guests to mould them into the

Review: “Self Titled” by Winter Nights

Good things come to those who wait? Patience is a virtue? Some records come together pretty quickly while others are a writers labor of love. Brothers Jeremy Farfan (Guitar, Vocals), Efrain Farfan (Guitar, Vocals) formed Winter Nights back in 2007 with Manolo Estrada (Drums) and Martin Tune (Bass) and took 7 years to get their

Review: “Out of the Silence” by Resonance

The music of Resonance is all about the brutal meeting of beautiful and technical melodies that are creating an unique approach to it. Three years after their debut EP “Day Of Days”, Helsinki Finland Metalcore quartet Esa Salminen on vocals, Petteri Peltomäki on guitars, David Forder on bass and Joni Huovila on drums have returned

Review: “Laws Of Aggression” EP by Psychosane

Initially starting out as an Adrenaline Mob covers band in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil in 2013 and taking their name from a track on their “Omertá” album, Psychosane evolved into its own entity with debut single “Road” in 2015. Several line-up changes have left the band as Marcelo Seabra on vocals, Roberto Jean on drums, Heuler

Review: “Salutogenesis” by Soulsplitter

Germany Avantgarde Progressive Metal collective Soulsplitter started writing “Salutogenesis” in 2016. Their debut album takes influence from all styles and genres with Opeth, Twelve Foot Ninja and Haken all sited as reference points. “The Prophecy” serves merely as an introduction piece of dark theatric quality. It’s spoken word poetry is the perfect start for an

Review: “Hell’s Gate” EP by Dizastra

Montreal Quebec Canada is the place that Blackened Thrashers Dizastra call home. Their original line-up of Matt Conti with guitars and vocals, drummer Matt Couillard, bassist JD Bolduc and guitarist Denis Stoisin unleashed the beast with “Hell’s Gate” in December 2015. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by  Jordan Barillaro who also receives a production credit alongside

Review: “LV1” by Leo Viridi

It has been an interesting 18 months or so for solo musicians and duo collaboration projects with a multi instrumentalist and a vocalist pairing up to release and album or EP. As a Guitarist, self taught from age 17, Leo Viridi has chosen to get a group of guests on board to help him complete

Review: “Divides” EP by Abandoned Humanity

Divides is the first release by Abandoned Humanity, a Moscow Russia based Progressive Death Groove Metal band comprising of Denis Bondarev on guitars and vocals, Artem Gorokhov on bass guitar and vocals and Denis Pevunov on Drums and Programming. “Divides” brings a classic Metal rising repeating riff and pull to the introduction that has hints