Review: “Laws Of Aggression” EP by Psychosane

Initially starting out as an Adrenaline Mob covers band in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil in 2013 and taking their name from a track on their “Omertá” album, Psychosane evolved into its own entity with debut single “Road” in 2015. Several line-up changes have left the band as Marcelo Seabra on vocals, Roberto Jean on drums, Heuler Schivo on guitar and Leonardo Balaban on bass while the EP has a guest appearance from Marcelo Oliveira, better known as the bassist from Violência Moral (or “Mortal Violence”) fame on “Hellhound”. Production and mixing for their debut EP “Laws Of Aggression” was done at Under Studio by Romulo Ramazini Felicio.

Introduction “Bordello’s Hell” is a throwback to the “Road” single with the sound of the motorcycle coming to a stop and in true Wednesday 13 fashion, an accented voice says “We stop in the middle of the night in a place called Bordello’s Hell” and then “Aggression” kicks in with a roar from Seabra. A solid chugger of a Brazilian Thrash Metal track, it’s a call to the moshpit with a sing-a-long chorus and fist pumping attitude. A well put together solo and breakdown section are as you would expect. “Hellhound” then takes things in a different direction with a more melodic introduction, clean guitar tones and some orchestral work. The snarled vocals are kept in check to allow for the blues influences to bleed out until the song steps up in the chorus in classical fashion. There are hints of the Progressive Metal of Dream Theater in places and this one is perhaps a showcase of the bands talent rather than the straight up adrenaline of the opening cut.

The buzzards circle during a Western themed introduction to “Purgatory” which has country leanings for the opening third before kicking in some chugging guitar work and group vocals. The song comes across like a drinking song that will go down well live with its big chorus, though it’s not a tale of drunken debauchery with lines like “Purgatory, that’s where we live, hell on earth is here, that’s how we feel, purgatory, that’s my misery“. Imagine if Soulfly frontman Max Cavalera fronted Hellyeah and started singing “Alcohaulin Ass”. That’s what this sounds like. Changing gear and letting the throttle out “To The Devil” Thrashes it up with a short sharp live for today and f*** tomorrow affair that says living this way is selling your soul to Satan. Which never sounded as good as it does in this song with some some fine bruising drum patterns and riffs a plenty. Charging out of the gate like it’s running from the Police, “Caused By You” takes the Bay Area Thrash of Exodus and adds a gang chant style chorus line to great effect. Bouncing along at a galloping pace, the band don’t break a sweat, leaving it to the circle pit, while throwing in a jazzy bass solo and lead flick to end in style [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. Bordello’s Hell
  2. Aggression
  3. Hellhound (ft. Marcelo Oliveira of Violência Moral)
  4. Purgatory
  5. To The Devil
  6. Caused By You

Laws Of Aggression” by Psychosane is out now and available over at bandcamp

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