Review: “Gloom” by Virgin Witch

On the journey through this Metal Life it can be amusing as to how a band may appear on your radar. For this writer, the discovery of Essex Blackened Deathcore souls Virgin Witch came about for no other reason that seeing that they were playing shows up and down the country with Beyond Extinction. Their name and company was intriguing so naturally checking them out was an obvious thing to do, especially when they describe themselves as a band “Relentlessly hitting you with the best the underground core scene Essex has to offer. Virgin Witch offers a combination of gut wrenching heaviness and nasty breakdowns along with riffs, beats and screams with a blend of Deathcore and Hardcore that captivates you on another level

Produced and mixed by guitarist Kendal Beck the debut EP from Virgin Witch is exactly the kind of statement piece that lives up the promise of their bravado, nestling in the space between Deathcore and Death Metal like a baby bird days before it spreads its wings for it’s maiden flight. Introduction piece “Evolve” is a point and click modern equivalent of the modem dial up  sound that ends with a bone crushing riff and heavy breathing before “Weakest Lamb” kicks in. A bombastic blast of riffs played fast and loose with the kind of early KoRn like Nu-Metal leaning vocal style, it sounds a little rough and ready but that raw quality adds to the charm. There is even time for a Progressive Melodic moment mid cut that will catch a few off guard before the turmoil returns like a bitch slap. The melodrama continues into “Butcher” which finds the band joined by Patty Kolasa of Existentialist, her vocals offering a venom filled shriller tone to that of Caleb Jones, the pair running their mouths at the same time to intertwine. The result is a powerhouse performance that reaches a new level of heavy, reaching and touching the void in to Slam territory with drummer Adam Beck annihilating the weak with bassist Keiran Newsam, the sample about cannibalism giving it a vicious serial killer chill. Finding the stylistic gap between the prior convictions “Gospel Of Envy” has the clicky bass sound and menacing atmospheric dynamic dialed in perfectly, the downtempo finale a lesson in entry by force. Quirky Nu-Metal guitar squeals and chunky riffs keep the freight train rolling for one last time with “Dissonance Delirium” including a few choice Hardcore isms as it plays out. For much of this Jones sounds like a tormented soul, his vocals tinged with anguish which gives a real emotive quality to the cuts, something that draws you in while at the same time keeping you on the edge of your seat. Will he kill? Will he spontaneously combust? It’s all on the razors edge… [7/10]

Track Listing

  1. Evolve
  2. Weakest Lamb
  3. Butcher (ft. Patty Kolasa of Existentialist)
  4. Gospel Of Envy
  5. Dissonance Delirium

Gloom” by Virgin Witch is out now and available over at bandcamp.

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