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Bootleg: It Dies Today in Brazil!

Filmed at The Clubhouse in Brazil, here’s a partial set from Buffalo New York’s It Dies Today from 2007. It sees the band fronted by former Still Remains bassist Jason Woods and playing tracks from “The Caitiff Choir” and “Sirens” as they waited on the green light from Trustkill Records for their third and sadly

Review: “Degenesis” by Colossus

Hailed as a new force in US Death Metal when they first surfaced from beyond the grave, sent to wipe the slate clean after the failed experiment that is humanity with a line-up featuring members of Lividity, Cryptic Fog and Cereviscera, this new entity Colossus certainly have the all the credentials to be that band.

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Duran Duran

The subject of today’s head to head is “Come Undone” by Duran Duran. The highly influential New Wave band formed in 1978 and enjoyed huge success throughout the 80s. They’ve been covered multiple times including most notably by Deftones and count among their fans KoRn vocalist Jonathan Davis. The track itself was the second single

Vs. Tuesday: 2 Bands Cover 1 Song. Who Wins? Fight!

For shits and giggles…! Today’s song is “Them Bones” by Alice In Chains. Here’s It Dies Today‘s version in full Metalcore glory, from the “Lividity” Sessions, the only album to feature ex-Still Remains bassist Jason Wood on vocals. And here’s Suicide Silence‘s Deathcore version, from 2009’s “No Time To Bleed”. RIP Mitch Lucker.