Tag: Löve Me Förever: A Tribute To Motörhead

NEWS: Exhorder find love in sacrifice?

The Law makers Exhorder are the latest to throw at us a music video for a performance of a cut from the compilation “Love Me Forever“, an A List celebrity tribute to Motorhead with their rendition of “Sacrifice“. Curated by the organisers of Psycho Las Vegas and with vinyl editions available for pre-order here, the

NEWS: Creeping Death take on “In The Name Of Tragedy”!

Including renditions by Exhorder, High On Fire, Eyehategod and a myriad of other legends, a new compilation album is on the way titled “Löve Me Förever: A Tribute To Motörhead“. Recorded during last year’s Psycho Las Vegas as a tribute to the patron saint of the event, the late great Lemmy Kilmister it will appear