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Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Metal Christmas Songs!

After some tunes to help you breathe more easily while you make a coffee and escape the family for a few precious moments? Here are five classic Christmas Metal cuts that you can annoy the family with on the Bluetooth speaker when you return to the present unwrapping madness!

NEWS: Lacuna Coil celebrate 20 years of Comalies!

14th October will find Century Media releasing  a deconstructed and remade re-recording of “Comalies“, the third album from Milan Gothic Metal act Lacuna Coil as it reaches its 20th Anniversary. In physical editions the new version, titled “Comalies XX” will be released as a partner for the original in double album form with the band

Review: “Necrophaze” by Wednesday 13

Technically studio album number eight for Wednesday 13, if you’re not counting any of the Murderdolls, Gunfire 76, Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 or Bourbon Crow output, “Necrophaze” sees a cast of collaborators and co-conspirators join the blood drive. The band itself comprises vocalist Wednesday 13, guitarists Roman Surman and Jack Tankersley, bassist Troy

NEWS: Infected Rain share single “Lure”!

Heading to our shores in December with Lacuna Coil, Moldova’s finest export Infected Rain have shared a second single since signing to Napalm Records. Following “The Earth Mantra” with “Lure” there is no indication as to when they were recorded or when their follow up to “86” will appear…

NEWS: Wednesday 13 enter the “Necrophaze”!

Produced by DevilDriver guitarist Mike Spreitzer and featuring a guest list of Alice Cooper, Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil, Alexi Laiho of Children Of Bodom, Jeff  Clayton of ANTiSEEN and GG Allin’s The Murder Junkies fame and well as Roy Mayorga of Stone Sour, Hellyeah fame, Wednesday 13 have set a date of 27th September to open the casket on the “Necrophaze”

Playlist: Female Fronted Metal Bands in 2017

I for one am constantly amazed to find in 2017 there are some Metal fans out there, both male and female that won’t entertain listening to what I percieve to be a decent band purely because there is a female rather than a male vocalist. Yes, if the subjectmatter of the lyrics is not something