Playlist: Female Fronted Metal Bands in 2017

I for one am constantly amazed to find in 2017 there are some Metal fans out there, both male and female that won’t entertain listening to what I percieve to be a decent band purely because there is a female rather than a male vocalist. Yes, if the subjectmatter of the lyrics is not something you enjoy, then I get that but why not give it a chance before condeming it? Here’s a playlist of some of the best female fronted Metal bands around at the minute. By no means exhaustive, so it’s going to get added to should anything decent be found. Feel free to throw your suggestions in the comments..


  1. Sumo Cyco – Anti-Anthem
  2. Butcher Babies – Monsters Ball
  3. Once Human – Eye Of Chaos
  4. Infected Rain – Mold
  5. Lucuna Coil – Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode Cover)
  6. My Ruin – Made To Measure
  7. Jinjer – Sit, Stay, Rollover
  8. Unsaid Fate – Our Addiction
  9. Kittie – Into The Darkness
  10. Arch Enemy – The World Is Yours
  11. The Agonist – The Raven Eyes

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