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NEWS: God Syndrome crush Arch Enemy!

Known for their ripping Death Metal covers of tracks like “Dead Embryonic Cells” by Sepultura and “Symphony Of Destruction” Megadeth, Russian brutes God Syndrome have from dropped a one take live recording of “Dead Eyes See No Future” by Arch Enemy, seemingly from out of nowhere. Recorded in their rehearsal space it sees them play

Bootleg: “Stolen Life” from Arch Enemy!

Whisper it but slowly and steadily the beast is rising from its slumber and the possibility of live shows in 2021 looks increasingly possible. So Arch Enemy, Carcass, Behemoth and Untoothers better be sharpening their blades because their siege on Europe is due to start in September. Until then, here’s a pro-shot rendition of “Stolen

Riff Police! Pull Over! #151: Firewind Vs Whitesnake!

The man, the myth, the legend that is Gus G, otherwise known as Konstantinos Karamitroudis is a guitarist who came to prominence in his own right having done time within the ranks of Mystic Prophecy, Nightrage, Arch Enemy, Dream Evil and of course Ozzy Osbourne‘s solo band but it’s his Greek Power Metal band Firewind

NEWS: Vicky Psarakis takes on Dark Tranquillity!

As Vicky Psarakis and Quentin Cornet continue their covers series with their take on “Eyes Of The World” by Gothenburg Sweden Melodic Death Metal masters Dark Tranquillity, we’re asking just when the Psarakis main squeeze The Agonist will begin work on the follow up to their 2019 album “Orphans“, nominated for Canadian Juno Award in

Bootleg: “As The Pages Burn” from Arch Enemy!

“Sweet amnesia here to free you, As the pages burn (burn!), All you trials solved bye fire, As the pages burn, As smoke fills the room soon to pass… heavy gloom, The wind will whisk away the past, A blank page stares at you, Nothing left, Where to start?” From the Ronnie James Dio stage

Bootleg: “War Eternal” from Arch Enemy

A fourth song cut from the set of Melodic Death Metal titans Arch Enemy upon the Ronnie James Dio stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival in 2017 sees “War Eternal” being given an airing. 2021 is the 25th Anniversary of the bands 1996 debut “Black Earth” so it will be interesting to see if “Bury

Bootleg: “You Will Know My Name” from Arch Enemy!

Bloodstock have treated us to another pro-shot track cut from the set of Swedish Melodic Death Metallers Arch Enemy on the Ronnie James Dio stage at the annual event in 2017. This time out it’s “You Will Know My Name” from the bands 2014 record “War Eternal”, their ninth in all and first with ex-Arsis

Bootleg: “Avalanche” from Arch Enemy!

A second cut culled from the set of Arch Enemy at Bloodstock Open Air Festival in 2017 sees the band performing “Avalanche” from the Swedish Melodic Death Metallers ninth studio album “War Eternal“. That was the first album to see former The Agonist vocalist Alissa White-Gluz taking over from long-time vocalist Angela Gossow and she’ll

Bootleg: “The World Is Yours” from Arch Enemy!

…with The European Siege Tour 2021 with Behemoth, Carcass and Unto Others set to start at the end of September in Dublin Ireland, the team behind Bloodstock Open Air Festival have chosen to give us “The World Is Yours” cut from the set of Arch Enemy at the 2017 incarnation of the event. It took