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Review: “Arrival of a Train” by Tardigrade Inferno

They say that music soothes the savage beast but in the case of Black cabaret Avant-Garde Metal quartet Tardigrade Inferno that should perhaps be altered to music cheers the unhinged clown. The Russian quartet hail from St. Petersburg and have been slicing and dicing since 2016’s set titled EP, following it with a full length album

Documentary: Sumo Cyco make-up tutorial!

Stuck for fresh ideas and needing content for the millions of platforms you have to be a part of in order to survive as a band in the internet age? Got a frontwoman who fancies doing a tour makeup tutorial? Then follow Sever from Canadian Alternative Metal act Sumo Cyco as she leads the charge

NEWS: Sumo Cyco get caught on a Cyclone?

Having all the in house skills to do your own artwork, videos flyers and social media is a surefire way to save a ton of money and for Canadian Alternative Metal act Sumo Cyco it’s all wrapped up in the what makes them fun. They’ve continued that trend with a music video for “Cyclone” appearing

Playthrough: “Sun Eater” from Sumo Cyco!

The deluxe version of their third album and major label debut with Napalm Records “Initiation” sees Canadian Alternative Metallers Sumo Cyco adding four additional tracks to the already stacked record and saw “Sun Eater” get its very own DIY music video in the bands signature style last week. So what next? It has to be

Playthrough: “Love You Wrong” from Sumo Cyco!

Set to join Wednesday 13 and Sick ‘n Beautiful for the Halloween Crusade Of Blood Tour across the UK in October, Canadian Alternative Metallers Sumo Cyco are keeping themselves warmed up and ready to go. Frontwoman Sever has thrown down a one take vocal performance of “Love You Wrong” from the bands third album and

Review: “Box of Frogs (Poison)” by Abstractian

A box is full of poisonous frogs from a laboratory in a bleak future where the Earth is but an apocalyptic wasteland depicted in glorious technicolor in the cover art is the first thing that you might see from Abstractian (pronounced Ab-stract-ee-an), a science fiction moment that plays on the bands love of the genre

Documentary: It’s Bad News for Sumo Cyco…

Canadian exports Sumo Cyco have been totally DIY and independent until their signing to Napalm Records for new album “Intuition” but it hasn’t stopped them from going back to basics and getting creative for the music video for recent single “Bad News” and this is how it was done, in full Technicolor glory. So get

Playthrough: “Bad News” from Sumo Cyco!

Now that the longest build up to an album of all time, aside from “Chinese Democracy” is finally over, Canadians Alternative Metallers Sumo Cyco could have been forgiven for taking a few weeks off. Their major label debut for Napalm Records, the home of Jinjer, DevilDriver and Infected Rain to name but three is out

NEWS: Sumo Cyco have bad news for us?

After a 3/10 review for their upcoming new album “Intuition” in Metal Hammer Magazine this month, we’re more intrigued to hear the record that will mark the third full length from Canadian Alternative Metallers Sumo Cyco and their debut for Napalm Records than we were before. After all, why would a major label pick up