Playlist: Metal Noise TV: Christmas Card 2017

List Mania Season Pt. #3: The Metal Noise TV Christmas Card.

A few tunes to help you breathe more easily while wrapping up some Christmas Goodies.

  1. Psychostick – Thanks Giving Or Die
    Psychostick re-write Slipknot’s “Get This” from their 1999 self-titled major label debut in parody form.
  2. August Burns Red – Last Christmas
    One of the gems of Christmas is ABR’s Christmas album “Sleddin’ The Hill” and this new single is really something.
  3. Corey Taylor – X-M@S
    The Slipknot/Stone Sour main main has just released an acoustic solo show DVD from a set in London in 2016.
  4. Leo Moracchioli – Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree
    Frog Leap Studios keep the classic covers coming week after week and are about to start playing live!
  5. Slaves On Dope – All I Want For Christmas
    Classic black and white Christmas video from the bands return in 2011.
  6. Matty Mullins – O Holy Night
    Mephis May Fire frontmans solo work has often had pop-rock leanings and this is no different.
  7. Kmac2021 – Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial
    The Iconic Commercial that for some signifys the start of the Christmas period and for others spells out all that is wrong with commercialisation.
  8. Motionless In White – Santa’s Pissed
    Very early MIW deliver.
  9. Andy Rehfeldt (Ft. Dori Kreisz) – Mariah Carey Sings Death Metal For Christmas
    Some quality video editing to put Hungarian Death Metal singer Dori Kreisz’s vocals over the top of Mariah-Miming-Carey.
  10. Matt Heafy – Blue Christmas
    Trivium main man Matt Heafy has steadily been releasing solo acoustic covers of outstanding quality and variety all year via his personal YouTube channel. Who can go wrong with one of metal’s finest playing a bit of Elvis?

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