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Listmania: Top #5 Christmas Metal Songs of Old!

The holiday season is here and it’s Christmas Eve which can only mean one thing. Listmania begins! This year we’ve got a wealth of Metal entertainment coming your way ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous in our Awards Season for 2020 although we’ve been forced to axe the “Top #5 live bands of 2020”

Playthrough: “Exile” from Your Last Wish!

Montreal melodic death metallers Your Last Wish unleashed their latest concept album “Eradicate” back in February, the full length beautifully exploiting post-apocalyptic themes with roots in classic death and thrash metal. Drummer extraordinaire Blake Lemieux has picked a pummeling assault of a playthrough for “Exile“, a track with old school thrash influences that also introduces odd-time signatures. Lemieux comments: “With the talents of

Bootleg: Slaves On Dope at Jam Des Neiges!

Back in 2001, Canadians Slaves On Dope were riding high on the waves of “Inches From The Mainline” and landed a spot alongside Orgy and Crazy Town at the Stade Persival-Molson at Jam Des Neiges. The event in Quebec Canada was Pro-shot by Musique Plus for MTV and includes “Stick It Up” and “Pushing Me“.

Listmania: 5x Nu-Metal Bands… That You Might Have Heard Of!

Earlier this week Kerrang Magazine published an article entitled “11 Nu-Metal Bands Your Probably Don’t Remember” and… covered 11 Nu-Metal bands that we remember very well! So in our infinite wisdom we’ve decided to put together a bunch of 5 Nu-Metal bands you may remember that were perhaps one hit wonders or a little bit

Playlist: Metal Noise TV: Christmas Card 2017

List Mania Season Pt. #3: The Metal Noise TV Christmas Card. A few tunes to help you breathe more easily while wrapping up some Christmas Goodies. Psychostick – Thanks Giving Or Die Psychostick re-write Slipknot’s “Get This” from their 1999 self-titled major label debut in parody form. August Burns Red – Last Christmas One of