Listmania: 5x Nu-Metal Bands… That You Might Have Heard Of!

Earlier this week Kerrang Magazine published an article entitled “11 Nu-Metal Bands Your Probably Don’t Remember” and… covered 11 Nu-Metal bands that we remember very well! So in our infinite wisdom we’ve decided to put together a bunch of 5 Nu-Metal bands you may remember that were perhaps one hit wonders or a little bit off the beaten track. Why 5? Because we’ve got a short attention span! This article is sponsored by Galaxy Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

1. First up Nonpoint who were formed by drummer Robb Rivera and vocalist Elias Soriano in 1997 and have put out an incredible 10 albums over their career. We’ve picked stand out “Alive And Kicking” from their fourth studio album “To The Pain”, a personal favourite from our roots.

2. Project 86 came out of Orange County Californian in 1996 and have also put out 10 albums with frontman Andrew Schwab’s often poetic and introspective lyrics being at the core. We’ve picked “One-Armed Man (Play On)” from their year 2000 sophomore album “Drawing Black Lines” as a standout cut.

3. Hailing from Detroit Michigan,  Factory 81 set up shop in 1997 and we’re swept along with the second wave of Nu-Metal with their 2000 debut full length album “Mankind” featuring single “Nanu”. They shared stages with the likes of Mudvayne back in the day but didn’t release another album until 2019…

4. In a career with numerous break ups and line up changes, 40 Below Summer have always had a pair of mainstays in vocalist Max Illidge and guitarist Joey D’Amico. We’ve chosen “Taxi Cab Confessions” from their third album “The Mourning After” for this as not only is it a tune that helps you breathe easier but there is also a Mushroomhead hoodie in the video.

5. Heading from the US to Canada and Montreal, we’ve chosen “Pushing Me” from Slaves On Dope as our final pick. Formed in 1993 by an axis of vocalist Jason Rockman and guitarist Kevin Jardine over a mutual love of Faith No More, their major label debut “Inches From The Mainline” sold 70,000 copies in the US.

Honourable mentions should probably go to Reveille, Primer 55, The Deadlights, The Union Underground and Cleveland Ohio natives Switched! You can read the original Kerrang Magazine article here

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